Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Hubby Calls Me A Mosquito Repellent!!

For some reason, mosquitoes have a preference for my blood. If I am sitting with someone, chances are, the mosquitoes will bite me and leave the other person alone.

Tonight, while watching the movie 'The Last Holiday' starring Queen Latifah on HBO, I was bitten by a stray mosquito. I thought mosquitoes don't show their faces when the temperature falls below 26 degrees Celcius? And tonight is 24 degrees. What was the mosquito doing out on such a chilly night?

Anyway, when the movie was over, I showed my hubby the mosquito bites. He patted my arm, and said, "Thanks for keeping the mosquitoes away from me, mosquito repellent." Huh??!!! Aaarggghh!!!! Now I'm a mosquito repellent. Thanks, hubby. Love you, too.

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