Wednesday, 12 October 2011

OWC - Obedient Wives Club OR Orgy Wives Club??

I can't believe someone, and a club at that, would provide me with so much entertainment and amusement that I am now writing a fourth installment on the same social issue. To refresh our memories, here's my third and second write-up.

OWC, a controversial women's club, has just released a book that is probably the most outrageous ever written by a Malaysian. The book encourages a Muslim husband to have sex simultaneously with all his wives. 

First, a good wife should be like a high class prostitute. Now, a good wife should team up with her husband's other wives for orgy sessions. Wow! 

I don't really care what they do behind closed doors, but really, don't they think they are degrading themselves by seeing themselves as sex workers rather than a wife? The status of a wife and sex worker is as different as night from day, so why would they want to sink to the level of a prostitute, and encourage other wives to do that, too??  

Could it be because they have no brains, no personality, no character whatsoever that would hold the interest of their husbands, and sex is the only way they could sustain their husband's interest? 

Check out this report in The Star today.