Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Liu San Jie at Genting

Last Sunday we went up to Genting for the much awaited musical, Liu San Jie. The pair of tickets were complimentary from Genting.

The last time I was there for a concert from my mum's era (Catch Ling Po at Genting), the crowd was mainly from her age group, men and women of 60 years old and above. I expected it to be the same for the Liu San Jie musical.

True enough, at 7:15pm, the crowd started waddling in, oops, I mean, walking in. :) Some were my mum's age while others were older. However, this time round, I can't lay claim to being the youngest audience as there was a handful of guys and gals in their twenties.

By 8:15pm, except for some late-comers, nearly all the seats at the Arena of Stars were filled. Our former Health Minister Dato' Chua Jui Meng, one of the VVIP (Very, Very Idle People??), was there, too.

I must say the performers, especially the lead singer who played the protaganist Liu San Jie, were good. They put up a contemporary show, combining the old folk story with some modern dance movements.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that the lead singer is better than the actress that played the same role in the 1961 movie. She has a better voice than the 1961 actress who was a bit shrill. And she is definitely far better looking, too. Quite an eye-candy for the old men there. :)

It is no wonder that all the tickets were sold out and Genting had to extend the performance to one more night, on Tuesday, due to demand.

My only "complaints" are that the stage setup was not more elaborate, and that the part of the match-maker sent by the tyrant, Mo Huairen, was a bit dragged out. I found the match-maker's performance a little draggy and exaggerated.

But all in all, a most enjoyable performance. Thanks for the complimentary tickets, Genting. :)

The arrival of the audience

The audience

Some late-comers

The curtain call

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Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Beginning of A Great Friendship?

Being the suave, handsome guy that he is, Blackie has had countless kisses from me in his entire 3+ years of his life. However, he has never had a kiss from another cat, until today (25/7/09).

At almost 10:30pm, Blackie opened the door to our room. Faye Yin, who was sitting on our bed, got up and approached him, under our watchful eyes. With hubby standing on Blackie's side, and me standing on Faye Yin's side, prepared to pick them up at the slightest hint of cat trouble, Faye Yin leaned forward and kissed Blackie.

Stunned, Blackie retreated. But within sixty seconds, he came back, folded his fore legs beneath his chest and sat down calmly, watching us from just outside the door.

I think this is a good sign.....soon Faye Yin can have free roam around our home like Blackie does and Blackie can return to hanging out in our room without our supervision anymore.

Blackie Turns the Table on Faye Yin

A quick note before today's post:

Correction to Faye Yin's MyKad details --- it has been pointed out to me that I have omitted Faye Yin's title in her details. Her full name should be PR Felis Wonder Lady Faye Yin as she had achieved Premiership. (A Premiership is equal to a Championship, for the spayed/neutered cat.)

The correction has been done. My deepest apologies to Jimmy. :)


Blackie Turns The Table on Faye Yin

Last night, or should I say early this morning, Faye Yin was very active and playful. From 4:00am to 5:00am, she was busy pouncing onto my bed, running from one end of the room to the other end, chasing her toy mouse and wrestling with her new teddy bear.

Having perfected her huffing and puffing on her poor teddy last night, she was extra cocky when Blackie stepped inside "her" sanctuary today. Yes, Blackie had mustered enough courage to actually walk all the way inside the room which he used to go and sun himself at the bay window every afternoon before her arrival.

She swaggered up to Blackie, planted her paws firmly on the ground, sat down, and gave him a huge, powerful puff of air right in his face. She then titled her head sideways and looked at him, expecting him to run away with his tail between his legs like before.

Although his tail was between his legs, Blackie surprisingly decided that enough is enough, he's not going to be puffed away by a mere female. He stood his ground like a real man, and hissed at Faye Yin.

Faye Yin looked surprised at this turn of events, turned tail and quickly went to the far end of the room. Encouraged, Blackie proceeded to walk all the way towards her, with me following as quickly as I could on all threes (one hand on Blackie's shoulders to restrain him if he decided to launch an attack).

At his approach, Faye Yin jumped onto the window ledge, and Blackie, looking supremely confident and satisfied that one hiss is all it took to subdue the puffing lady, proceeded to check out the carrier and all her personal items.

When he has completed his inspection, including her litter box and food and water bowls, he walked out of the room and I swear, there was a swagger to his walk this time!! I guess there is nothing like putting a lady in her place, huh? Lol...

Friday, 24 July 2009

New Bond Girl Terrifies Bond

On Wednesday evening, at 7-ish, a new Bond girl was welcomed with open arms into our home. All except Blackie was happy with the new girl in the block.

Maybe it could be due to the fact that this sassy girl had had her ovaries removed, or maybe it could be due to the fact that Blackie, being a eunuch, prefers guys to girls. :)

Whatever the reason, Blackie was terrified by her presence when he caught sight of her. Granted, she is huge, as Maine Coon is the largest breed of all cats (they are called "Gentle Giant"), but then, being female, she is not as large as a male Maine Coon, so he shouldn't think he's seeing a small lion.

On her first night in our home, Felis Wonder Lady Faye Yin was a bit apprehensive. She hid in out of reach places in our room, while Blackie hid in even worse places in the yard.

We were kept busy the whole evening, moving huge furniture to retrieve them, and wiping them clean as best as we can as we didn't want to stress them out further by giving them a shower. In the end, I opened my wardrobe door for Faye Yin to hide in between my clothes. I'd rather have her fur on my clothes than have her hiding in dirty places.

Faye Yin, surprisingly, was quicker to adapt to her new surroundings than Blackie to a new cat in his home.

But best of all is how the two different cats "confronted" each other. Blackie squealed for help (kittenish little mews) while Faye Yin blew puffs of breaths at him. Not hisses, but puffs of air, much like how the fat lady puffed away the bad guys with her big, powerful breath in the Kung Fu Hustle movie... :D

Mum said it reminded her of how my late grandfather's dog blew puffs of air at the mice in the garden....Lol.

Felis Wonder Lady Faye Yin
DOB: 21st September 2005
Sire: CH Eternal's Hikaru Genji of Felis Wonder
Dam: GC Embellie Nuage of Felis Wonder. DM

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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Best Way To Safeguard Your Password

No one can see your passwords or whatever you're typing....

No one can see whatever you're typing or whichever websites you're surfing...

And the ultimate is............





Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Teaching of Maths & Science - Have You Voted Yet??

The government has flip-flopped again, due to pressure from some quarters. It has been decided today that the teaching of Maths & Science will revert to the Malay medium.

Many educated people are against this for the simple reason that Malaysia will be left behind globally if we are to teach these two subjects in Bahasa Malaysia.

But let's not look at the future.....let's look at the present and now....how on earth are we going to translate those scientific words into Malay overnight??

Mahathir put it succintly.....
9. Umpamanya perkataan Oxygen (Oksigen) - satu jenis gas. Derivative (cabang) daripada perkataan ini adalah seperti berikut;

• Oxygenation

• Oxidation

• Oxide

• Oxidants

• Deoxydation

• Oxidise

• Oxidification

• Dioxide

• Monoxide

• Peroxide

10. Ini hanya bagi satu elemen daripada sebanyak 120 (118) elemen.

If you are against the teaching of Maths & Science in Bahasa Malaysia, please vote NO at Mahathir's blog. http://chedet.co.cc/chedetblog/

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Who Says Michael Jackson Is Dead??!!

Yup, Michael Jackson is not dead. We saw him at the Official Opening Ceremony of Nikonian Academy last Saturday. Well, Michael Jackson Celup (impersonator), anyway. :D

Nikonian Academy Tel: 03-6142 6188
No.13, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Type of business: Camera shop and photography courses available

Besides the Michael Jackson Celup's performance, there were two flame-eaters to thrill the crowd.

Free photoshoots of Nikonian Academy's obliging model

Michael Jackson Celup's performance.. :p