Sunday, 30 November 2008

British Chinatown Food in KL.....Or Not

A few nights ago hubby came home and said, "There's a restaurant, Four Seasons, that says it's the British Chinatown food. Do you want to go there for dinner this Saturday (yesterday)?"

British Chinatown food?? Wow!! That is music to my ears.

For the uninitiated, the food in Chinatown London is authentic Hong Kong food, cooked by Hong Kong chefs. Images of Beef Tomato Rice, Beef Egg Rice, Beef Dry Hor Fun (nearly all Hong Kong food contains beef), Hot & Sour soup (it's different from our local version), Roast Duck with pancakes, all flooded into my mind. I could not stop drooling and dreaming. There is not a single Chinese restaurant in KL that could produce those Hong Kong dishes, not even places like Char Chan Teng or Kim Gary that claimed to be Hong Kong food.

Hubby called his old buddy, TC, who had also stayed in London for a couple of years before. He was equally as enthusiastic. Saturday finally arrived and we drove there full of enthusiasm and anticipation. 

This is it! Four Seasons is located at CapSquare, Persiaran Capital Square, near Jalan Munshyi Abdullah. The place is not crowded, for a Saturday night.

Upon being seated and handed our menu, all of us immediately noticed one glaring thing. The items in the menu are all LOCAL food!!!!! "Where is my Beef Tomato Rice?" TC & I both asked simultaneously. "Where is my Beef Egg Rice?" hubby asked. 

The waiter, who was very patient and helpful, explained that Malaysians want local food. Huh? He recommended that I try their Fried Hor Fun Beef in Black Bean Sauce. I acquiesced since the only thing I really wanted was Beef Tomato Rice which is not on the menu. Hubby asked if they could modify their Braised Beef Egg Gravy Rice into Fried Beef Egg Rice them to fry the egg with the beef and serve it with rice instead of their Braised Beef Egg Gravy Rice. TC settled for Steamed Beef Brisket Soup Noodles. We ordered a quarter roast duck to share. 

After we placed our orders, I reached for their feedback form on the table. I couldn't wait to make known my disappointment to the management!

One side of the feedback form

The other side of the feedback form

Braised Beef Egg Gravy Rice. RM12.80 Waiter, where's the gravy? 
Oops, sorry.....this is hubby's modified Beef Egg Rice. 

Fried Hor Fun Beef in Black Bean Sauce - RM12.80

Steamed Beef Brisket Soup Noodles - RM12.00

A quarter roast duck - RM15
Unlike their sister outlets in Bayswater  and Gerrard Street in London, this outlet in KL does not serve pancakes with roast duck.

Hubby enjoyed his meal. He said it's the closest thing available locally to what he got in Chinatown Toronto. TC did not enjoy his beef brisket noodles as much. He said the beef brisket noodles in Crystal Jade, MidValley is much better. As for me, the sauce is good, but it would have been better on rice instead of hor fun (koay teow). The Hong Kong chefs in Chinatown London would have known that.

Overall, the service is excellent. The waiters are attentive and helpful, and our orders were served before we had even warmed our seats. However, the price is exorbitant. What we had ordered were cheap Chinese food, ordered by students on limited budget, but here, they are priced as cuisine food. Definitley not value for money.

Blackie: That is your punishment for freaking me out with a Doraemon cake!!! 

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Happy Birthday, Blackie

Blackie turns three today. To celebrate his birthday, I got him a Doraemon cake and a packet of Shiloh and Lester salmon treat. 

The Doraemon cake. I'll have to scrape off the chocolate rice and chocolate topping before Blackie can eat it as chocolate is toxic to cats.

In the background is Blackie's favourite treat, the Shiloh & Lester salmon treat. It is real salmon, cut into small pieces and freeze-dried. And it's not cheap, at RM12 for 25g.

Where's the birthday boy? Ah, here he is, sound asleep. 

Singing a birthday song to Blackie. My mum has to hold Blackie on her lap as he got spooked by Doraemon. What???? Yes, he was really afraid of Doraemon!! Lols....!!!!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Blimey! I Could Be A Limey!!

Well, not me, precisely, but my master, Blackie the cat. I was at Pet Safari in Ikano recently when I stumbled upon a book on British Shorthair. I was surprised to see a picture resembling Blackie, and remembered that CazzyCazz once told me that Blackie looks like a British Shorthair. Coming home, I immediately googled for British Shorthair............

A British Shorthair

Breed description
"British Shorthairs have very dense, plush coats that are often described as crisp or cracking, which refers to the way the coat breaks over the cat's body contours. Eyes are large, round and copper in colour. They have round heads with full, chubby cheeks and a body that is rounded and sturdy. British Shorthairs are large and muscular, and are described as having a cobby build. The breed has a broad chest, shoulders and hips with short legs, round paws and a plush but not fluffy tail. These are the characteristics listed in most governing bodies breeds standards to which show cats must conform."

"They are not terribly demanding of attention, although they will let you know if they feel like playing.They are not hyperactive or "in your face" cats preferring to sit next to you or near you rather than on you. They will tend to supervise household activities either watching from a comfy perch or laying on the floor nearby.

British Shorthair cats have a tendency to follow people from room to room as they want to be with you and see what is going on. Some do not mind being cuddled but most prefer to keep four paws on the ground and have you pat them rather than pick them up."

Where temperament goes, Blackie fits to a "T". My main complaint about Blackie has always been that he does not like to be picked up and carried on my shoulder. He always protests vocally when I do that. He is also not a lap cat, and does not sit for longer than 15 minutes on my lap. I have always envied my friends whose cats love to cuddle up with them on their laps.

And he is certainly very nosy, watching and supervising us in our daily activities. My mum calls him the Supervisor while my hubby calls him my shadow because he likes to follow me from room to room.

As for looks, well, armed with a camera, I started following Blackie from room to room instead of the other way round. He certainly wasn't pleased at the reversal of roles.

Blackie on his cat tree

Blackie in the kitchen

Blackie on my desk in the study

And now I've followed Blackie to the room, spying on him as he sleeps

Stalking Blackie.......he is looking petrified now
Blackie: Help! Someone please tell this misguided woman that I'm not a limey, I'm just an ordinary kucing kampung.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Memo Circulation........

Times are bad. The economic downturn is becoming more real by the day. Many companies are going to have to retrench staff when the crunch comes. Hubby forwarded me a memo circulation he received via email's one company which has taken great efforts to prepare and make it as painless as possible for their staff who will be affected.

Memo to Staff:

Due to the current financial situation caused by the slowdown of the economy in US since last Christmas, Management has decided to implement a scheme to put workers of 40 years of age on early retirement.

This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early).

Persons selected to be RAPEd can apply to management to be eligible for the SHAFT scheme (Special Help After Forced Termination).

Persons who have been RAPEd and SHAFTed will be reviewed under the SCREW scheme (Scheme Covering Retired Early Workers).

A person may be RAPEd once, SHAFTed twice and SCREWed as many times as Management deems appropriate. 

Persons who have been RAPEd can also get AIDS (Additional Income for Dependants or Spouse) or HERPES (Half Earnings for Retired Personnel Early Severance).

Obviously persons who have AIDS or HERPES will not be SHAFTed or SCREWed any further by management.

Persons staying on will receive as much SHIT (Special High Intensity Training) as possible.

Management has always prided itself on the amount of SHIT it gives employees. Should you feel that you do not receive enough SHIT, please bring to the attention of your Supervisor. They have been trained to give you all the SHIT you can handle..


The Management

Hehe....what were you guys thinking? A real memo? Lol.....!!!!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Brem Mall, Kepong

This franchise eatery chain from Hong Kong is gaining prominence in KL, with more and more outlets sprouting up. We have tried their food at SS2 and MidValley before, but were not too impressed with the quality. Maybe it's because we ordered the fusion food from their menu.

Anyway, last night, at Brem Mall (a relatively new shopping mall in Kepong), we decided to try their more 'traditional' food. Hubby ordered Tian Jin Pan Fried Egg with Ramen. It is a dish of ramen covered by a thin omelette, cooked in abalone sauce. Well, I think it is abalone sauce, so don't sue me if I got it wrong, ok?  

Tian Jin Pan Fried Egg with Ramen - RM9.80

Hubby enjoyed every single strand and drop of it. I like soupy stuff, so hubby suggested that I try the Rice in Superior Soup with Minced Meat and Dried Oysters. 

I wasn't in the mood for porridge, so we sent the waitress into the kitchen to check whether the broth texture is more porridge-like or rice-like. The waitress returned to confirm that it is rice that is cooked separately and then added into the soup. Hmm....sounds interesting, so I ordered that.

Rice in Superior Soup wtih Minced Meat & Dried Oysters - RM9.60

There were lots of mushrooms, minced pork, tong chai, salted fish and 4 large pieces of dried oysters. Yummy. *slurp* The portion was huge, despite the deceiving look of a half-full bowl that arrived at our table. I had to get hubby to help finish it.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Movie Review: Quantum of Solace

I am such a procrastinator. Four days have passed since I saw the special screening of the latest James Bond thriller Quantum of Solace, courtesy of GoMobile, and I have yet to blog about it.

And like any regular human, I have forgotten most of what I wanted to write about. However, a couple of things stuck in my mind.

One, Quantum of Solace is so closely connected to Royale Casino that for those who missed Royale Casino, it might be a little hard to follow the storyline. 

The movie literally picked up the story from Royale Casino, where Bond captured Mr. White and stuffed him in his boot. So for those who didn't watch Royale Casino, it's advisable to watch that first. Otherwise, you would be wondering who Vesper, Mathis or Felix are.

Two, there're no Bond gadgets or toys. I hope the producers don't plan to do away with those toys. A Bond movie is not complete without them.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

I'm Receiving Emails From Myself

There's something strange going on. Yesterday, I received 2 emails supposedly from myself. And this morning, another 5 more emails that were supposedly sent from my own email account arrived in my Inbox. 

Emails that I didn't send. (Why on earth would I send emails to myself?) These are blank emails, with the message "click here if you can't view the message". I didn't click, of course. The subject headlines are quite pornorgraphic, too. WTH???

We Love Rascists

Forgive me if I misunderstood and got it wrong, but this is the message that is being proclaimed far and wide in our beautiful land of Malaysia.

Ahmad Ismail, the suspended UMNO chief of Bukit Bendara, Penang, was given a warrior's welcome, befitting a national hero, when he turned up for the division's delegates' conference. Ladies and gentlemen, this is our hero, the guy who said publicly that all Chinese are squatters in this country and that we don't deserve any rights.

He was welcomed with cheers, a kompang (drums) troupe and silat performances. The emcee announced that the headdress, shawl and dagger were presented to Ahmad to show that he is a true Malay warrior. Read more in The Star.

The moral to be learned here is, if you want to be recognized as a hero, throw slanderous, racists remarks at one another. Better yet, stab each other with a dagger. This is progress. We have arrived. 

Thank you, Ahmad Ismail, for being such a racist, and causing a young, innocent female reporter to be arrested under ISA for reporting truthfully what you said! Nah!   

Friday, 7 November 2008

Are You A Democrat Or A Republican?

Come 20th January next year, we'll have a Democrat US President. We know the names of the parties, but do we know what they stand for or believe in? For me, I've always leaned towards the Democrats......hehe, like as if I could vote in any US elections. Anyway, let's take a look at a few salient points.

A Republican is a Conservative, while a Democrat is a Liberal. What does that mean? I think Ambrose Bierce summed it up succintly.....haha.

Conservative, n. - A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal, who wishes to replace them with others. 
  -- Ambrose Bierce

But other than that, let's take a look at how a Democrat and a Republican approach certain issues.

  • Abortion
- Democrats are for abortion. Unwanted pregnancies is seen like drug addiction or alcoholism, which needs government intervention.

- Republicans are against abortion unless it's their own daughters that got knocked up. Then they shipped her off to Switzerland.

  • Wild Animals
- Democrats believe that all wild animals should be accorded all the rights of a human.

- Republicans believe that wild animals are put there for sport hunting, or the occassional fur coat. That was why Sarah Palin shot at the wild animals from the helicopter. She was looking for a free fur coat.

  • Capital Punishment
- Democrats are compassionate and are opposed to capital punishment unless the victim is one of their own.

- Republicans believe in an eye for an eye. That was why Bush invaded Iraq after the World Trade Centre was hit by hijacked planes. It didn't matter who was the perpetrator, as long as someone got punished.

  • Privacy
- Democrats believe in the sacred right of privacy. 

- Republicans do not see why you would want privacy if you haven't done anything wrong.

  • Racial Issues
- Democrats believe that the minority races are disadvantaged and need government help

- Republicans are fond of the minority races as they make well-behaved house servants

So, which are you? A Democrat or a Republican? What about our government? I do believe that the ruling coaling, BN, is a Republican when it comes to racial issues. Oops, are they going to arrest me under ISA for this post?? 

I Got The Tickets!!!

Yes!! I got the tickets to the Premiere Screening of Quantum of Solace. And so did my dear friend, CazzyCazz

We had given up hope, and I was just about to go shoot Nuffnang and Agent Botak when we both received the emails from Nuffnang at 5:17pm. We immediately sms each other to check our emails.....yes, our sms crossed paths...hehe.

Thanks, GoMobile, Nuffnang and Agent Botak. You didn't know how you missed deaths by just a few seconds... :D

Agent Double O Seven, here I come, dressed for the party....meow!  ;)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Michael Crichton Has Passed Away

I was driving home from the market this morning when hubby called to say that one of my favourite authors, Michael Crichton, has passed away at age 66 from throat cancer. It was a shock to me. And I must admit that I was most selfish in my initial reaction. The first thing I thought was, "Oh no, no more new books by Michael Crichton." 

A medical doctor by profession, Michael Crichton was a prolific writer and filmmaker. He was most well-known for 'Jurassic Park', 'The Lost World', 'The Andromeda Strain', 'Sphere', 'Congo', 'The Great Train Robbery', 'The Terminal Man', 'State of Fear', 'Prey', 'Disclosure', 'Timeline'.....the list goes on.

He was also the creator and executive producer of the NBC program "E.R.," which began its 15-year run in 1994 and was based on his early experience in medicine. He also co-wrote 'Twister'.

He said of himself: "I was the weird kid who wrote extra assignments the teacher didn't ask for."

And.....he was a giant. At 6 feet 9, and married five times, I bet he was the one his friends and family called when they needed light bulbs replaced. 

His demise is a loss to the industry and me, personally, as I would no longer be able to look forward to his next book. I'm going to miss him. My deepest condolence to his family.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

GoMobile GoMobile Go

I just had my dinner, opened up my email, and lo and behold, there was an email from Nuffnang. They are giving away 25 pairs of tickets to bloggers to watch Quantum of Solace, courtesy of GoMobile, The Ultimate Mobile Lifestyle Event of the year. Yay!!

But before I indulge in day-dreaming about Daniel Craig, let me tell you a bit about GoMobile.

GoMobile 2008 is going to be the first, and biggest ever mobile lifestyle event in Malaysia. It will be held at PWTC from 21 - 23 November 2008. Don't be left out. Spread the word and stand a chance to win cool prizes. Go, go join the GoMobile Clique at

Now, as you guys know, I am such a die-hard fan of James Bond that I even delude myself into believing that I once worked for Her Majesty the Queen of England until that gorgeous Daniel Craig usurped my place. 

Look at my blog, look at my identity. Who am I? My name is Bond, James Bond Kitty, but you may call me Blackie007.  

If you don't believe me,  just take a look below. I am getting ready to shoot Nuffnang and their Agent Botak if they don't give me a pair of tickets to a special screening of Quantum of Solace. 

Watchout! Nuffnang & Agent Botak!!

So, Nuffnang and Agent Botak, you are hereby held at gunpoint to issue me a pair of tickets. GIVE UP THE TICKETS NOW......lols!!!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

SPCA World Animal Day

SPCA organized an event to celebrate World Animal Day at the KL Tower yesterday (2 Nov '08). It was a day for all animal lovers and their pets to get together. There were lots of dogs mingling around, sniffing one another's butt as they passed each other. 

Only two very brave cat owners brought their cats, clutched tightly and safely high up on their shoulders. No, I was not one of them. And neither was CazzyCazz. Yes, at last, I got to meet her. *happy*

You see, this time, we were smarter. We exchanged phone numbers and I emailed her a photo of me taken at last month's Petfinder Gathering. Otherwise, we would have have missed one another again.

She was the one who identified me and screamed my name out loud....lols...!! The reason I would not have recognized her? She was slimmer, younger and prettier than her photos in her blog! 

Okay, coming back to the World Animal Day event yesterday, there was a large turnout by the time hubby and I got there at two-ish in the afternoon. The car park at KL Tower was full and we had to park elsewhere and walked up the hill. 

Lucky for us, there was a free shuttle service with foreign tourists inside, waiting for two more passengers to fill up the van before they could drive up the hill. The driver saw us and asked us to hop in to make up the numbers. *happy*

SPCA had very kindly given a booth at the event, and I headed straight for our booth. Hehe...speaking like as if I'm a administrator. No, I'm just a member of their forum.  ;)

This is Petfinder's booth.

At about three o'clock, the fastest pair of dog and owner eating contest began. It was organized by Andy, the founder of Petfinder.

The plates are ready. I think it's needless for me to say which plate is for who, right?

And so, on the count of three, humans and their four-legged furry companions dug in. The russet-coloured dog opened its big mouth and whalloped the whole chunk of dog food in one bite. It really wants to win. Either that, or it was very hungry.....lols..!!!

Most of the dogs have finished their food while their owners are still chomping down on their buns. Some cheated by getting their dogs to help them finish their buns....hehe. A couple of the dogs believed that sharing is caring, so after they finished their food, they helped the dogs next to them finish theirs, too.  

This dog, however, refused to eat the gruel. It thumped its nose at the food.  The poor owner kept trying to persuade it to eat without success. It reminded me of my Blackie, a picky eater. 

This little dog next to it saw, and having finished its food, came and offered its help. 

And the first prize goes to the fastest eating pair..........

And the second prize-winner.......

After the contest, Groovy, the dancing dog got on the stage for a dance with its owner. It was hilarious, as it could even dance backwards!! *Lol...*

There were a few more interesting sights, but unfortunately, the batteries in my camera ran out.....sob! sob!

Anyway, I got some goodies from the event. While chatting with a chihuahua owner, a Purina staff overheard me saying that a chihuahua is probably the only dog I could keep, living in an apartment, but my cat would eat the chihuahua. When she heard that, she offered me a free can of Fancy Feast for Blackie to try. I think she was trying to save all chihuahua's lives. Thanks, Purina. ;)

It started to rain as we walked down the hill to our car. An SPCA volunteer was selling umbrellas so I got one from him.