Friday, 28 August 2009

Animals Matter To Me Petition

Do you care about the plights of animals? If you do, please sign the Animals Matter To Me petition to help achieve global recognition that animals are sentient beings, they feel and they suffer, and to end animal cruelty for good.

To sign petition go to >>>

For more details, go to >>>

Thank you and please help spread the word to your friends. :)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Life In Malaysia Is Stranger Than The Movies

Life in Malaysia is like a box of never know what you're going to get. Each morning you wake up to be amazed at what you read in the news.

First, we have the Pahang Syariah Court ordering the whipping of part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno for consuming beer in a hotel lounge. (read more here)

Then, we have the Andy Lau-Carol Chu debacle. Whoever heard of a son-in-law who is ashamed to be seen at his father-in-law's funeral procession?

To the extent where he was shielded from view from head to knees by numerous silver umbrellas??!! It's preprosterous! (
Last wish of Carol Chu's dad, Son-in-Lau goes under cover and Quite a scene at funeral of Chu's dad)

Is he ashamed to acknowledge the Chu family? After all, they are not rich and famous, owning only a nondescript business selling incense worship items. Or does he still want to play the field? Or does he have the same under cover relationship with another or more women??

And then, today, PAS Youth amused me by condemning the Michael Learns To Rock concert which will be held in Genting on September 5. The party chief said his party would not hesitate in mobilising its members to prevent the concert from happening if the performance was not stopped. (read more here)

Excuse me, Nasrudin, have you ever heard any of MLTR's songs? They are love ballads, not metallic rock or whatever it is that you imagined them to be! Please do not protest for the sake of protesting. It only makes a laughing stock out of you.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hotlink Parties with Hitz FM

Last Friday night, our friend Daniel Lee invited hubby and I to The Mist Club @ Bangsar. What he omitted to mention was that it was a Hotlink and Hitz FM party. The result of the oversight was, I left home without my camera. Not only that, as it was a rainy night, I was dressed more for the anticipated chill of the club rather than for a party (I could still remember how cold the club was the last time I was there).

Despite the rain and lack of publicity (in my opinion), a decent crowd turned up for the event. It started at 8pm, but since we had thought that we were just going to the club for a drink with Daniel, we only arrived close to nine, in time to catch Elvira before others like, Rachel Henry, Elvira, Point Blanc, James Baum, Kraft and others came on stage.

The highlight of the event, and also the closing act, is none other than our very own home-grown Reshmonu. The guy really knows how to work the crowd. He got even the wall-flowers shaking and moving.

The photos below were taken from Daniel's Blackberry phone. If you find the quality less than pleasing, please call him personally to lodge your complaint. :)

Reshmonu was the last to perform. He was amazing.


We had our picture taken with Reshmonu....he was next to us at the 'Very Idle People' lounge while waiting for his turn to perform! :)

Elvira in one of the earlier performances

Rachel Henry

Point Blanc

Now, what was that DJ going on and on about each time he came onto the stage? Hmm.....something about 300 sms for the price of RM1 from Hotlink or something like that....please check with Hotlink for details. :)

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Blackie & Yin Yin

Two weeks later......

Blackie and Yin Yin are buddies and almost inseparable. What surprises me is that Yin Yin has allowed Blackie to regain his throne (the Japanese sofa we bought specially for him).

Three afternoons ago, while Blackie was sleeping, Yin Yin came out of our room to explore the premises on her own. This is the first time she does that without being accompanied by Blackie.

The first thing she did was to make herself useful.......since I wasn't sitting on the sofa and she had a job to do, she massaged the sofa instead. Yes, she is a massaging cat. Look at how she "pulled" the sofa cover up as she kneaded away. :)

Staring at the seven dwarfs at my balcony and trying to figure out how she could get to the rain water in their with all Maine Coons, she loves playing with water.

She also has a peculiar habit of scooping water out from her bowl and drinking it straight from her paw instead of lowering her head to the water bowl.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Michael Jackson Parody - Am I Black or White

I stumbled onto this video while watching another video sent by a friend.


Michael Learns To Rock in Malaysia Again

Calling all Michael Learns To Rock fans!!! They're here again....and....AFTER twenty-one years, they're STILL LEARNING how to rock at Genting Highlands on 5th September 2009. :)

For the benefit of those younger than me (ahem!), Michael Learns To Rock was formed as a cafe-band in 1987 by a group of high school Danish students, Jasca Richter, Kare Wanscher and Mikkel Lentz.

A year later, Soren Madsen joined the group and they entered the city's annual talent show. The group won and they suddenly found that they had to stick with their hastily formed name, even 21 years later.

They tried changing it to MLTR, but later switched back to the original name. Maybe, just maybe, if they had consulted me, and renamed themselves Michael Has Learned to Rock instead of MLTR, it might have met with better success?? :)

Anyway, Soren Madsen left the group in 2000, and the trio decided to continue without him.

So, what are you waiting for? All Michael Learns To Rock concerts are a sell-out, so get out of your seat now and get your tickets at any Axcess outlets or book them online from Genting's Online & Reservation & E-Ticketing.

See you there.......thanks to Genting. :) :) :)

25 minutes

That's Why You Go Away

Sunday, 2 August 2009

My Cats - The Empress Dowager & Her Eunuch

Blackie and Yin Yin (PR FW Lady Faye Yin) have established their own hierarchy in their relationship with one another, with the latter adopting the diva attitude. So much so that hubby has begun calling Yin Yin the empress dowager.

Now, what happened for Yin Yin to earn that nickname?

Well, one reason is, if Blackie is in Yin Yin's way, she would just brush past him without sparing him a glance or thought. On the other hand, if Yin Yin is in the way, Blackie hesitates to walk past her.

He would put one paw forward tentatively, and if it looked like he might brush against her, which he would if she were standing sideways at a door entrance, he would step backwards again and waited until she moves out of the way.

Sometimes it is a long wait, and I am never sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for him as he waited and waited patiently for her to move out of the way first.

The second reason is, the way they interact with each other. When Yin Yin wants company from Blackie, she would approach him and make a cooing sound. Then she'll walk off and for an hour or two at least, Blackie will be following her around (he never walks in front of her, always just at her tail).

So, you can imagine the funeral procession in my home with me being the hearse. Yes, Blackie and Yin Yin like to follow me around, although Blackie has changed from following me to following Yin Yin now. I'm not sure if I should be offended at this. :)

And they have their own special seating arrangement....she sits on a higher ledge than him. If he tries to join her on the same level, she'll whack him with her paw, and he'll return to a lower spot.

Below is a photo I couldn't help taking last night. Yin Yin had disappeared behind the curtains after spending some time with Blackie. Blackie, who has been whacked by Yin Yin before for trying to sit on the stool, continued to sit on the floor, and meowed for Yin Yin. Only after a few meows did she deign to pop out again, and sat on the dressing table to keep Blackie company.

See the gap in the curtain? That's where Yin Yin popped out from.

It's strange, as Blackie has been sitting on the stool, dressing table, and the window ledges his entire life, and yet, now he bows down to Yin Yin as having the right to those places. Yin Yin is the alpha female?? *scratch head*