Sunday, 31 October 2010

Healy Mac's @ Bukit Bintang

While having lunch at Jack's place @ 1-Utama this afternoon, hubby remarked on the lack of food posts in my blog. He said that looking at my blog, he felt that we've been fasting and haven't eaten for a long, long while. "Haven't we agreed on using the blog to mark our food journey so that when we are old and have lost our grinders, we could walk down memory lane and relive the experience of the enjoyment of food?" he asked. 

You see, he was inspired by his boss, Tan Sri, who wanted to leave a legacy when he dies. But unlike Tan Sri, we can't afford to build a brick and mortar public gallery to hold all our photos of our younger days when we could still eat, live and enjoy life, so the next best thing is to leave a blog. Who knows, someone 100 years from now might be surprised at the type of food in the 'dark ages'. At any rate, there's something to remember when we're taking turns to use the dentures.

Coming back to the arid period of no food blogs. Well, the reason is, some photos didn't turn out that well. Or more accurately, the food was so appetizing, or we were so hungry that we started on the food before I remembered to take any photos. The result is, I have loads of photos of half eaten burgers, half eaten cods, and so on. Besides, after some time, I might have deleted the photos from my camera's memory card.

To prove my point, below are a couple of hastily taken photos. A few weeks ago (unless time flies and it's longer than I remember) we had a really, really nice lunch at Healy Mac's, an Irish Bar and Restaurant at Changkat Bukit Bintang. 

For the starter, we ordered a plate of salmon bruschetta to share (it came in 5 pieces) and a plate of cod & parsley, in mushroom sauce. We then shared a plate of bacon and egg burger for the entree. 

The half-eaten cod and the remaining piece of salmon bruschetta was put together on a plate for a last minute photo-shoot. That's why I don't make the mark of a food blogger. The cod was heavenly. And so was the salmon bruschetta. 

Just recalling the taste is enough to set me drooling. Well, at least, when we're 70 and toothless, we could still eat the cod, but definitely not the salmon bruschetta.

The half-eaten (again!) bacon and egg burger

I know it's weird, but today's meal at Jack's Place will be postponed to tomorrow. First things prove a point why I didn't update our 'Eating Out Memory Lane' with all the photos I've taken.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Restoran Ipoh Sedap @ SS2, PJ

We were supposed to check this place out a few Sundays ago, but a friend had invited us to a Hari Raya Open house on that particular day. And then we forgot all about it the following Sunday, and the next, and the next. If hubby hadn't said he felt like having either Dim Sum or Yong Tau Fu for breakfast, I wouldn't have remembered this place at all.

To be honest, Dim Sum and Yong Tau Fu aren't my favourite food, and hubby is given a quota of how many times he's allowed to eat them in a year. I'm not a tyrant, but if I don't impose a quota, he's going to kill me by having Dim Sum and Yong Tau Fu for breakfast every Sunday!! So, it's out of self-preservation that I imposed a quota on him.

Well, his Dim Sum quota is up, but not Yong Tau Fu. So off we traipsed to SS2. The outlet is next to the police station, so it's easy to locate. I was quite surprised to see that the fish paste fillings were snowy white and looked very smooth. Mmm....maybe it won't be such a torture to eat them after all.
Variety-wise, the selection is not as big as the Hakka Yong Tau Fu at Pudu. But they looked really tempting.

Since it was a late breakfast, and there were only two of us, we ordered just a few items, and a bowl of Ipoh hor fun each.
The Ipoh Hor Fun was not bad. The koay teow was very smooth, and the soup base was clear and sweet. However, while I liked it, my favourite Ipoh Hor Fun is still the Ipoh Hor Fun at Jalan Utara,  that used to be at Jalan Tong Shin.

Now, this was something entirely. They've converted me. I LOVE their Yong Tau Fu. The tofu was silky smooth, the best I'd ever had, and the fish balls and fish paste paste fillings were just incredible! I will definitely return there again, and I've just raised hubby's quota allowance for Yong Tau Fu!  

The fried dumplings weren't bad either, but were overshadowed by the Yong Tau Fu. 

For dessert, hubby had tau far, which was silky smooth. He finished it before I remembered to take a photo. I ordered the Lime Jelly Shaved Ice. It's supposed to be a 2-jelly, 2-citrus juice on shaved ice, but when the order arrived, it was a 3-jelly and 1-citrus juice on shaved ice. I'm not complaining though. I liked the bite of one of the jelly that looked like a fried sotong. The overall flavour was crisp, tangy and refreshing. Sorry if it sounds a bit like men's aftershave cologne. My excuse is I don't write for a living.

The next time we're there I'm going to try their Dried Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun. A few patrons ordered it and it looked good.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

We Incite, Not Invite, Tourists To Malaysia

According to the brochures distributed at the Malaysia Pavillion at the Shanghai World Expo, Malaysia has a 130-million-year-old Taman Nerara. 

And we incite visitous to our nulticultural, decelopment locationgs in our cuntry.

Someone commented that luckily they didn't spell it as Taman Neraka (Hades Park in Malay). 

Imagine....we incite you to our 130-million-year-old Taman Neraka, a great place to visit at Halloween..... 

Monday, 25 October 2010

Cats Take To The Streets In Protest

Last night, an unprecedented incident in the history of mankind took place at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Cats came out in droves on the streets, wearing hats and carrying placards in protest of the 100-storey mega tower that would be built at the site near Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara.

"That's a sign that the End of the World is coming. Our cats normally reside in Kuching, a special city zoned for cats in Sarawak, a state in East Malaysia," a witness said. 

Seen running after her cats, trying to catch them and put them back into their carriers is FurLin, who told CNN (Cats News Network) that she doesn't know what came over her cats. She was having dinner at Healy Mac's, an Irish Restaurant in Bukit Bintang when her cats broke free from their carriers, donned their hats and ran off to join other cats that were similarly attired. 

"They just went nuts," she said, pointing to her cats in the pink straw hat and red cowboy hat. "Before they dashed off, they meowed that the RM5 billion ringgit would be better used to build a  Cat Village to house all the poor and homeless," chirped her husband, FurNut.

When approached, the cat in a pink straw hat said, "Look, the money could be used to help the poor and improve public hospitals and clinics". 

"Humans should improve their education system so that they are at least half as smart as we felines. The money could be used to improve the public transport system, and thus ease the massive traffic jams in the city. Instead, they are using the money to create even more traffic jam. This just proves what we knew all along --- humans are not fit to lead a country," the cat in a red cowboy hat added.

The protest is against the government's planned Warisan Merdeka project announced in the recent Budget 2011.

If you agree that RM5 billion could be better spent elsewhere, be it on education, hospitals and clinics, public transport, or to help out the poor, please join the protest in And please drop a line and say "hi" to the cats if you sympathise with them.  :P

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Will The Real Simon Cowell Please Step Up

An hour after I posted 'Adam Lambert Live in Malaysia', I noticed visitors flocking in from URLs like and And in less than twelve hours, there were more than 170 visits, and they're still coming in.

Curious, I looked up the two sites to see what brought them to the said blog post. While I've had a tweeter account created some time back, I've never logged in to tweet. I already have a Facebook account and I would need more than 24 hours in a day if I want to get any real work done or have a real life should I want to be 'active' in all those social networking channels. The only reason I created a tweeter account was to see what the hoo-hah was about.

Anyway, I couldn't find the cause for visitors from tweeter to visit. But I did find one thing. There are many 'real' Simon Cowells out there. There are quite a few users claiming to be the real Simon Cowell. But when you read their tweets, it's obvious they're not Simon Cowell. Goodness! I was so tempted to tweet for the first time, asking the real Simon Cowell to please step up.  And of course, there are just as many Adam Lamberts, too. Fortunately, I'm following Adam Lambert on Facebook, so I know which tweet account is really his, haha!

Then, I checked adamtopia.proforums. org. And there, I discovered what sent members flocking to the blog post. Someone by the username of 4evermumof4 had posted a link to the said post. Hmmm....I know there are a number of lurkers in my blog, but I didn't realise some of those lurkers are Adam Lambert fans. 

So, to the lurkers who are Adam Lambert fans, here's a big HELLO from one Adam Lambert fan to another!  :)

Friday, 15 October 2010

Adam Lambert Live in Malaysia

Last  night, in bed, hubby said, "So, your dream came true." He was referring to my dream and wish that Adam Lambert would come to Malaysia and perform. Ever since Adam Lambert auditioned for the American Idol season 8 competition with a rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody", I had hoped that he would one day go on a world concert tour. (Simon Cowell, I have more foresight than you, LOL!!) He has such an amazing vocal range and is so energetic that all other contestants fell short. Very, very short.

A year later, my dream came true. I was one of the "over 10,000 fans that turned up at Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium to be entertained by Adam, despite protests by PAS". *Source: The Star*

At eight-ish, a local artiste, with a name that sounds like Eggo, performed the first opening act. It was a rather dismal performance, as everyone had a certain expectation from the opening act with a main star like Adam Lambert. Hubby and I commented that the show organizer would have done a better job if they had invited Sin Huey to open the act, especially since she was there at the concert.

Fortunately, the second act was much better. Daniel Lee, the Malaysian Idol 2005 winner  did Bon Jovi reasonable justice with his rendition of "It's My Life". Mind you, that is not an easy song to sing, and most Asian singers don't have a powerhouse voice. That is why they mostly stick to melodies. So, what Daniel Lee was able to do is considered decent enough. 

After Daniel's performance, there was a long wait before Adam showed up on stage, in spite of screams and shouts from excited fans. I think he's a little hard of hearing, if he could fail to hear  the ruckus we fans stirred up, shouting his name again and again.  ;)

To give us something to do before we screamed ourselves hoarse, the Yellow Man / Yellow Duck released some balloons for the crowd to bat at. Yes, it's DIGI. 

At 9.20pm, the lights dimmed and the show finally began. And one thing became very clear throughout the 90 minutes. Adam Lambert is in the league of legends like Michael Jackson and Queen. Even though he's a beginner, his showmanship, his energy and most of all, his vocals, showed clearly that he is one big powerhouse. You see, the acid test is always the concert. 
A singer may sound good on TV, music videos or CDs but only a truly good singer can sound good in a live concert. In a live concert, you don't get the benefit of a sound engineer doing some sound editing to cover up your weakness!

Take for example, Inxs. JD Fortune sounded really good in the RockStar competition on TV, music videos and CDs, but when he sang in a live concert at Stadium Negara in 2006, he wasn't able to project a commanding presence. His voice lacked the range, or should I say the power that Adam Lambert has. Don't get me wrong. I love JD Fortune, too, but I have to be honest.

The last song (well, not counting the encore) was If I Had You. After introducing his dancers in the middle of the extended version, Adam got the crowd into a frenzy by getting them to sing along.

A photo montage poster given to Adam yesterday. Presented by DiGi, photos submitted by Adam's fans.

I am so glad that Adam decided to bring his show to Malaysia, and I hope he will come again in the not too distant future! He will be working on a new album in winter, after his tour is completed, and I can't wait for it!

Some of the paraphernalia that I bought from the booths at the stadium.

Yin jumped on the bed to check out the tag while I was taking a shot of it

Mmm...Adam is yummylicious...(Yin giving her approval)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Trying To Perfect My Screaming............

10 more days to go!!! Adam Lambert is going to be at Bukit Jalil stadium and I can't wait!!! In the meantime, I'm practising my screaming. I'll know I have achieved perfection when my mum, hubby and neighbours come out screaming at me to stop.

The seating plan and price - if you are a Digi customer, purchase 3 Adam Lambert caller tunes for RM6 to get a 25% discount off the ticket price. Send AL to 2016.

12" Monster Burger @ Cravings, Sunway Giza

To my knowledge, this is the only kind, a burger that stands one foot tall in Malaysia. But if there's any even taller, I'd be interested to try it, too. But I'll probably need to bring a third person along, since it took hubby and I to finish this one-foot burger.

The burger contains a beef patty (naturally!), a chicken fillet, an egg, a few layers of hashbrown, two layers of cheese, a few layers of ham, tomatoes, onions and lettuce. However, the serving staff informed us that we could change the chicken for beef and vice versa if we prefer one meat over the other.

Next to our table, four ladies shared the burger amongst themselves. They would have made us feel greedy or monstrously hungry but for a lone Arab guy who sat behind our table. He finished the whole burger all by himself. And he's not big! 

And.....that's not all. This burger comes with two bowls of soup, a glass of banana blackberry juice and a glass of lime passion fruit juice! 

The soup, two bowls of it

Banana blackberry juice and lime passion fruit juice

The burger in the bunting and the actual one served is different