Friday, 30 July 2010

In A Dilemma

First, before I begin, my cats and I would like to say a very, very BIG thank you to Maneki Neko for a most intriguing toy --- the pipe cleaners. They simply love it the minute I gave it to them. The 'fur' was nearly torn to shreds, as they bit into it. It is currently 'missing' as Yin has removed it to the place where she hides her treasure trove. I have yet to discover where it is. But when I do, I am sure that is also where I would find the missing socks and ribbons.

Now, I am in a little dilemma. I can't decide which hat I should get for Yin, the one with the flowers or the cowboy hat. Or, should I just buy both, so that each will have their own hats, too?

Yin with the flower hat

Yin with the cowboy hat

And now, I asked Blackie to help me pick which is a better hat for Yin................

Looks like Blackie approves of the hat with flowers......


He also likes the cowboy hat

Since he's not of much help, I decided to put the hats on him to see how the Chief Eunuch looks in hats.

Blackie with the cowboy hat

Blackie with the flower hat

And....I still cannot decide......

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Second Day of 'Tweety' Bird In Our Home

Today, the cats are less fearful of the toy bird I bought them yesterday, although Blackie still keeps a safe distance from it. Yin has become very bold, to the extent that she wanted to pick up the cage and carry the bird to only-she-knows-where. She has grown into this mischievous little "critter", picking up items like socks, ribbons, hair bands and small soft toys between her teeth and relocating them to another place to play with.

The first minute in the first video showed Blackie removing himself to a safer distance when Yin touched the cage and activated the bird. Yin stayed behind to check it out. 

The second video showed Blackie returning to the room (you could just make out his legs) but still keeping a safe distance while Yin tried to pick up the cage between her teeth.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Bought A Bird For My Cats To Play With

Buying a bird for my cats to play with has been on my mind for some time now. After much weighing and due consideration given to the torture and stress the poor bird is likely to suffer at the hands, or in this case, paws of my cats, I have finally decided to go ahead and purchased a.........toy bird for my cats.

Since they had shown an inclination to play with birds (one of their favourite toys is a wave  made of feathers that flies like a bird and makes a flapping sound), I anticipated lots of fun and enjoyment for both Chief Eunuch Blackie Bond (promotion to Chief bestowed by Maneki Neko) and his Empress Dowager Lady Faye Yin. However......that was not so.

I was not prepared that my cats, in particular the Chief Eunuch, would be fearful of a toy bird. When triggered by sensors of sound and motion, the bird shakes its head, flaps its wings and chirps. Blackie couldn't find enough land to flee away from the chirping, wing-flapping and head-shaking toy, while Yin just froze and turned away from the offending bird. She always does that to anything that she doesn't's the sign of the Imperial turning away from the bird it is supposed to humbly and quietly remove itself from her imperial presence, but unfortunately for her, the bird did not understand the imperial protocol.

So, until they learn that the bird is at their command, that they could get the bird to shake its head or chirp by just touching the cage or meowing, there won't be any funny videos to post. Only some photos.

Blackie fleeing the second the bird started to shake its head and chirped

Staying far away from the offending bird

The head-shaking and chirping bird

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Updates on Blackie and Yin

And now, some updates on Blackie and Yin. They insisted that they should be featured here before I post anything else, especially Mr. 007. He is most insistent that this little corner belongs to him, not Sayang and certainly not my life, not that I deserve to have one. 

So, without further ado, may I present.......

Blackie Bond, photo taken on July 10, 2010.

And his Empress Dowager, the Lady Faye Yin, photo taken on 20 July 2010.

Updates on Sayang The One-Eyed Cat

As the title suggests, this post is just that.....updates on Sayang. I've been really busy with this-and-that  that there is really no time for me to update my blog or follow-up on any of my friends' blogs. Life has been one crazy spin after another.

Anyway, for 'fans' of Sayang a.k.a. Selayang, he's doing pretty well. He's vaccinated, but came under the attack of flu. Perhaps his immune system was not strong enough, considering that he was only recently taken off the streets. He's slowly recovering from it, though.

And he's a real good boy. A real adorable, affectionate, neat little cat. He doesn't mess up his place like some naughty cats do. He didn't even complain when I clipped his claws. He did not struggle or squirm. All claws on four paws were trimmed in record time.  Kerusi who was there was amazed at how quick the chore was performed.  :)

Photo taken last Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Photo taken two days ago, on 20 July 2010