Thursday, 19 November 2009

Where To Eat @ Cameron Highlands

NB: This is the 4th installment of my Sojourn in Cameron Highlands
Part 3: Time Tunnel @ Cameron Highlands

The thing I love most about the British, besides their wry humour, is their tea and scones. The best scones I've ever had was in the Isle of Wight. The cream, the strawberries, and the lightness of the scones were just yummy. 

I've missed that, and the nearest "duplicate" I could find is in Cameron Highlands. When the British left Malaya, as Malaysia was called then, they left behind their tea and scones legacy. Whenever I'm in Cameron Highlands, I never fail to pop in at T-Cafe, above MarryBrown at Tanah Rata for my cream scones every afternoon. 

This time round, I decided to check out another place, Cameronian Inn, which I came across while surfing around for new things to do or see in Cameron Highlands. It was touted as having the best scone in the highlands. 

Unfortunately, we went there 3 times, and all 3 times, they didn't have scones. So, T-Cafe it is. We've tried scones at Bala Chalet and Smokehouse before, and they aren't worth their price. Both places charge RM12.50 per person for a set which comes with 2 scones, cream, strawberry jam, and tea. 

T-Cafe, on the other hand, charges only RM2.50 for one scone with cream, butter and strawberry jam. Tea is RM2.50. 

Incidentally, we saw a notice at T-Cafe announcing their soon to change name. T-Cafe will be known as The Lord's Cafe.

Ok, enough of my obsession with cream scones. Let's proceed to solid meals. One of the restaurants that serve decent Chinese food is You Hoo Restaurant at Brinchang. It's located at the former pasar malam site. We ordered their specialty, Indonesian Fish Curry, Spicy-fried Asparagus Beans and Steamed Eggs Three Kings. The total meal came to RM36 for two.

Indonesian Fish Curry

Spicy-fried Asparagus Beans

Steamed Eggs Three Kings

One other reasonably priced restaurant, recommended by a local cafe proprietor, is Yeong Wah Restaurant in Brinchang. It is behind the Star Regency Hotel. According to this local lady, Brinchang is notorious for over-priced food, and one should ask the price of a dish before placing an order. However, she added, this Yeong Wah is honest and would not rip off their customers. 

We ordered Drunken Prawns, Special Fried Noodles and Kai Lan in Oyster Sauce, all of which came to RM35.60 for two.

Drunken Prawns

Special Fried Noodles

Kai Lan in Oyster Sauce

On the day we return to KL, we stopped at Man Fatt Restaurant for Bak Kut Teh Mee. Man Fatt is located at the foothill of Cameron Highlands, just opposite the Simpang Pulai police station. If you were coming down  from Cameron Highlands, at the foothill, there's a traffic lights cross junction. Turn right, and the shop is on your left. 

Bak Kut Teh Mee

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I Am So Dumb....

I can't believe I'm so dumb....!!!! I was adding another blog URL that I follow onto my blogroll list, and instead of clicking "Save", I clicked "Cancel". Now I've lost all those blogger friends' blog URLs!!!! Other than three friends' blogs, which I could easily get hold of, I don't know the rest of the blogs' URL!!!!

Can anyone be dumber than this??!!! *smacking forehead*

Friday, 13 November 2009

Time Tunnel @ Cameron Highlands

NBThis is the 3rd installment of my Sojourn in Cameron Highlands
4th part: Where To Eat @ Cameron Highlands

Since our last visit to Cameron Highlands in September 2007, a new attraction has been added. Time Tunnel is a "must see" if you're interested in what Cameron Highlands looked like in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, all the way to the present. 

The entrance fee is RM5 per adult, and there are a fair bit of memorabilia which could have been bought from the flea market at Amcorp Mall. Well, at least the black & white photo of Tanah Rata in the 1930s was purchased there.

However, if you're expecting a true museum of antique items, you'll be disappointed. The items collected and displayed in Time Tunnel only date as far back as the early 1960s.

When I first stepped inside the premises, I was like, "Wow! An antique dentist's chair!" to which my hubby said, "No, darling, it's an antique barber's chair!" Gosh, I felt so embarrassed at my lack of knowledge... :)

Dentist's chair? No, barber's chair

Me: Your grandfather, darling? 
Hubby: No, an aborigine, but might be your grandfather

I thought I saw this "mode of transport" in use by some hypermarket staff??

Austin J (Junior) Forty - a pedal car
Austin J (Junior) Forty by Austin Motor Company, Great Britain. There were some 32,000 of these cars produced in 1950 - 1960. It is made from sheet steel surplus metal from Austin Birmingham. Work was sent to a purpose-built factory in Wales, where disabled miners worked on the "Joycars" as part of a rehabilitation program. It has battery-operated headlights and the bonnet opened up to a detailed engine.

Cents were in paper notes, then, not in coins. One cent must have been able to buy you quite a bit of stuff.

Parit Waterfall in early 1960s....snow blanketed the place for 45 minutes

A funny A4 printout I saw.......there were many other such funny printouts.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hotel Casa dela Rossa in Cameron Highlands

Note: This is the second part of my sojourn in Cameron Highlands
1st part: Sojourn in Cameron Highlands
3rd part: Time Tunnel @ Cameron Highlands
4th part: Where To Eat @ Cameron Highlands

We stayed at Hotel Casa dela Rossa, which means Castle of the Roses, located between Brinchang and Tanah Rata. Our reservation was made through a travel agent, and we got the room for RM162nett per night instead of the published rate of RM320nett per night.

Location-wise, it is a superb location, very quiet and peaceful, away from the towns in Cameron Highlands. And the service is excellent, with a team of friendly and efficient porter, receptionist and bellman. The room is clean, although it has a rather damp, mildew smell.

My only complaint is that the sauna has been closed down, and the hotel has not seen fit to update their list of facilities in their website.

That said, it is still one of the better place to stay, as most of the hotels in Cameron Highlands, including Equatorial and Smokehouse, are rather old and their rooms are shabby and in need of refurbishing.

View from the road

Honey, I'm home......
This corridor is reminiscent of the movie (and book) The Shining by Stephen King

The double room on Diana Floor, Garden View

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sojourn in Cameron Highlands

NB: This is the 1st part of my sojourn in Cameron Highlands.
2nd part: Hotel Casa dela Rossa in Cameron Highlands
3rd part: Tunnel Tunnel @ Cameron Highlands
4th part: Where To Eat @ Cameron Highlands

Some people like holidays with lots of hustle & bustle activities like shopping, going from one tourist destination to another. Others prefer a quiet, relaxing holiday where you can just hang out in your pajamas and be a bum all day long. I belong to the latter category.

Since I hate flying with a passion (I still remember those 18-hour non-stop-puking flights when I was a student in UK --- I even used up all the airsick bags in one particular flight!), I could only go to destinations where I could drive or take the rail.

So, it's always either to the beach, the jungle or the mountains when we need to unwind and relax.

Cameron Highlands was the voted place as the last time we were there was in September 2007. Aside from strawberries now being one of the largest export industry in the country (tea has taken a backseat), there weren't much changes.

The trip did, however, inspire me to do a write-up on Where To Eat and some interesting sights, which I shall break into separate posts for my easy reference in the future.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Help! Cat Language Tutor Needed!

Has any of you who own cats ever tried to teach the English language to your cat? Have you had any success? If you had, then you're hired!

Seriously, I need help convincing my recalcitrant cats that a bird is called a bird in my language, not noark (according to Yin Yin) or kek-kek-kek (according to Blackie).

Whenever the birds land on our balcony or window ledge, which is a few times a day, a language struggle ensues.

Yin Yin: Noark
Blackie: Kek-kek
Me: Bird
Yin Yin (turning to look at me): Noark-noark
Blackie (not taking his eyes off the birds): Kek-kek-kek
Me: No, it's not a noark, or kek-kek. It's a bird.
Yin YIn (looking at me again): Noark-noark-noark
Me: In my language it's a bird, Yin Yin.
Yin Yin: Noark-noark-noark-noark, Meow.
Me: Sigh. And my name is not Meow, so please say my name correctly when addressing me.