Friday, 29 June 2012

We Are Pawticipating In The Cat-Olympics 2012!

Soon it'll be the Olympics again and we are pawticipating in it even if our humans aren't.

Yin and I are entering for the Synchronized Snoozing hosted by The Island Cats.

We are also taking part in Snoopendous-Sniff-A-Thon hosted by Luna and Cynder.

I am going for Couch Potato Peeling hosted by Lilly Belle and Muffin.

Yin is trying for Best Nippy Faces hosted by Callie and Sassy

She has also decided to go for Balancing Beam hosted by Cory and Company.

If you are a cat or dog, do join in the fun at The Pet Olympics. For more details on the events, check out their Official Events and Sponsors Page.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blackie Bond: How To Deprive Your Human Slave Of Sleep

If you are a cat, you would know how frustrating it is when your human slave sleeps when you want to play. They not only sleep like the dead but they sleep like, forever, while you languish in boredom. Such inefficient bodies they have.

To prevent my human slave from a sound sleep, I have devised a fool-proof strategy. It has yet to fail me. Here is a step-by-step guide.

1. Shortly after the bedroom is plunged into darkness, scratch open the wardrobe door, go inside, and start a mournful howl. This will make your human slave think you're trapped inside the wardrobe, get up from bed and retrieved you.

2. Once she has settled back into bed, walk to the bedroom door and meowed. She'll think you want to go out of the room. When she gets up and opens the door for you, trot back to the wardrobe.

3. Wait until she has snuggled under her comforter again, then hop onto the bed and swipe her hand. If she does not respond, give it a quick, hard bite. That bite is guaranteed to get her to open her eyes and talk to you.

4. If she still goes back to sleep, lie down next to her. Position your body in such a way that she has no room to turn without squashing you. Lying stiff on her back, she'll be too uncomfortable to fall asleep.

5. If she still manages to fall asleep, bite and pull her hair. 

6. If that still doesn't work, jump on her like a trampoline.

You know you have succeeded in depriving her of a sound sleep when she staggers out of bed the next morning bleary-eyed and brain-dead.

And now, I must take a cat nap to refresh myself for my exercise in keeping my human slave awake tonight.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Blackie Bond: We Have Been Cartoonized!

Some humans will do anything to be immortalized.....
Some cat slaves will do anything to have their cats cartoonized.....
Thanks to Katz And Other Tales who shared about this fun cat cartoon program
we felines are now in the 'annals' of cat cartoons....

Our human isn't talented artistically, and I can't say we look too much like the cartoons.Well, to be fair to her, she got our mouths right, and I have to admit that my cartoon character resembles me a lot more than Yin's. Even my face looks almost like mine, I think.