Monday, 15 March 2010

Pakistani Food @ UK-Asia, Bukit Bintang

Ever wondered where our Pakistani immigrant workers (legal or otherwise) go to for their food? The ubiquitous Mamak (Indian Muslim) food? No. According to the Pakistanis in Cyberjaya (they're on the Malaysia My 2nd Home program), the Indian Muslim food in Malaysia is too spicy and overwhelming in its taste. Pakistani food is more subtle and mild. 

So, where would they go to, if they wish to eat food that is similar to what they normally eat in Pakistan? They told hubby that there are a few Pakistani & North Indian restaurants in Jalan Bukit Bintang which they go to. They mentioned UK-Asia as one of the more authentic Pakistani restaurant.

So, last Sunday, we braved the traffic to Bukit Bintang to try some authentic Pakistani food. UK-Asia is a nondescript little shop set not far from the Bukit Bintang Plaza, on the opposite side of the road. It serves what we call "mixed rice" or "economy rice' in Malaysia. But the price is certainly not your run of the mill economy rice price.

I had pilaf rice, a spoonful of cucumber & tomato salad, spinach curry, chick peas, spicy fried lady's fingers and a piece of fried mackerel. The price came to RM9.50. For drinks, I ordered a glass of banana lassi which was RM6.90. 

Hubby took pilaf rice, spinach curry, chick peas, mutton curry and I don't remember what else as he had walloped most of his food by the time I went to join him at the table. He does tend to eat like a war is about to break out any second, and no amount of reminding him to chew his food before swallowing does any no photos of hubby's lunch and naturally, I don't remember how much his food was.

Our verdict? It's fork-and-spoon-licking good. A place I'd definitely want to go back to again and again!!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

How A Hokkien Lang Translates Cantonese Into Hokkien

This video is a scream. A MUST WATCH, especially if you are a Hokkien lang who understands Cantonese. Even if you understand only a bit of Cantonese, it should be rather entertaining.