Wednesday, 3 February 2010

P1 Wimax SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought Maxis sucks but P1 Wimax sucks even more. I have the misfortune of subscribing to P1 Wimax nine months ago, despite reading quite a few negative reviews about the service. Most of the complaints were that after six months of subscription, the subscribers found that they were no longer in the range of coverage. We couldn't believe that such a thing could happen, and disregarded all those complaints.

Since the beginning of this year......or was it end of last year? My cousin whom I contact online everyday might remember when I stopped being able to log in everyday to the internet......we have been tolerating the inconsistency of P1 Wimax. The line would drop every few seconds. As days turned into weeks, our patience started to wear thin. But, still, we remained cool. Those who know me will know that I don't anger easily, but when I do finally get angry, I am FURIOUS.

What got me so furious is that since last week, there has been NO internet service at all. The red light on the modem just keeps blinking, unable to capture a line. We called the customer service and lodged complaints after complaints. 

To cut a long story short, tonight, at 9:41pm, I called the customer service again, to report that although the internet service was restored for 1 hour and 40 minutes yesterday, and the whole day today, the service is yet again disrupted. 

The customer service told me that there is a problem with the base station, and it won't be resolved until 31st March!!!! WTF??? First, they told us that we were no longer in the range of converage, but then, restored our service for 12 hours. And now???!!!!

And of course, per our previous teleconversations, I can't terminate P1Wimax without paying a cancellation fee of RM299 because intermittent availability of internet service is not grounds for termination of service.

 P1 Wimax, at the rate of how you anger your subscribers, it won't be long before you fold up. And I hope you fold up soon. To tell you the truth, had your office been opened at this hour, I would have driven there and fling the modem in your face and scream obscenities at you, risking being escorted out of your building by security guards. 



ManekiNeko said...

Geez, I was thinking we hadn't seen much of you lately!

Your timing with this post is perfect. My Izzi WIFI subscription is up in a couple of months, and I've heard rumors that the company is in financial trouble. This is very sad indeed, because their internet service has been rock-solid reliable. I was considering switching to P1. Now I'll cross that off my list!

Good luck. Cover the idiots in moist catfood and toss them into a room with Blackie and Yin.

lupie said...

Hate to say it but I still ends up with TM-Stimx at the end of the day!

Have you tried U-Mobile? Heard that it is one of the better ones ... :)

Anonymous said...

Charlene,that what happen when our govt playing monopoly. In Malaysia,everything is monopolized by 1 organisation.Same goes to our internet connection. Celcom Boreband,Wimax, Tmnet,Jaring.All having the same problem.

- June Macgyver

Vivien Lim said...

see i had my share luckily i dont even have to pay a cent and throw the whole box to them back~

P1Wimax sucks to the maximum lo ..i think worst than stimx

wimax suppose to be fast - to be frank my 56K line is even more stable and faster then them!!

finally !!!! hahaa

P1 Buddy said...

Hi! We are from the P1 online media team! We do understand your frustration and we are here to listen and help. Kindly do forward your issues or inquiries to Or alternatively you could find us in Facebook!/p1w1max?ref=ts or in follow us in Twitter @P1Cares.

Blackie Bond said...

P1 Buddy:
Thank you for your respond, but it's a little too late now. We've terminated P1 Wimax after having no internet connection for weeks.

P1 Wimax @ The Forum said...

P1 Wimax has lotsa performance issues. I sudah kena, they are downtime 50% . But what to do, sudah sign the bloody contract for 24-moths. Have to live with it ma ...

Guys .. how about draining out your steam into this forum:


Anonymous said...

next time i think all of us should read the term of condition to c if there is any hidden clause rather than being lured by promotinal effort made by their well pay staff. P1 sudah potong should add two more words " sudah potong P1 belum" i also feel being cheated by having poor reception line within good coverage area n stuck on their contract whcih ve signed. you guys all should change to digi or maxis, less trouble with the connection, cheaper rate, hassle free and dont have to follow the stupid idea of placing ur modem closer to the window. ?????? troublemaker........... fed up complaint anymore......> surely, certain, urgently need to POTONG immediately from my advice.

P1 Wimax @ The Forum said...


yeah thats a good one. luv to hear more of this at

but before you potong, better screw the P1 upside down n send a official complaint to

you coud also ask for rebates and not pay a single sen to the pee one :)

Anonymous said...

I am using P1 around Kuchai and Desa petaling, P1 service is really fuccking succk. My 1.5MB/s only get around 0.4MB/s and believe it or not, it can sometime goes as low as 0.15MB/s using speedtest online.

Their Customer Service is totally useless and stupid, when I complain online at chat, the guy keep explaining the wimax theory and their best effort story to me, sound damn crazy when all we want is a stable and up to speed promised internet line. It cheat our Trust and money. Just canceled the plan and back to streamyx, much better, since the stupid wiggy also not that “MOBILE” as it seem, in Mines Shopping Complex, no lines at all ! South City Plaza, no line, Sri Petaling Endah parade , not Line. Genting also. They provides us a “Mobile USB Dongle” Wiggy and expect us to use it at certain “FIX” location which they cover. Really Fuck up with them. Then what is the different with Streamyx ! only worse than Streamyx!

Don’t be cheated that the newer modem is better than the wiggy and so on. All are simply fuccking bulll Shitt.

I Urge you all, pls don’t fall into their trap, they are far more dissappointed than what they say in Advertisement. I am not the only one “Kena” . So beware !

Anonymous said...

I'll curse WiMAX!

Anonymous said...

I agree, beware! Their customer service and internet is a total joke (worse than constipation or extreme diarrhea!)

Anonymous said...

Trust me.....the purpose of P1max is to cheat....l once subscribed the rm49 monthly fee....line like hell..l just terminate.....setelled all fees.
no more p1....
l think their customer service never feel any guilt!

Anonymous said...

I really wish I had come across reviews like yours before hand. Then I will not fall into the group of victims P1 has conned I am extremely frustrated with their service. At the early stages of sales and service support, their service is still acceptable.

But when there is a conflict in the billing, they start throwing my calls all over the place. When the service line is interrupted, they act slowly, leaving me without Internet for the past 2 weeks. I complained but they tell me there is nothing they can do. When I want to terminate the line, they dragged around and ask me to pay for my latest bill, which includes 2 weeks without internet. Who would want to pay??

And they are smart enough to drag my case beyond the billing date, and extend the bill further. I made a complain and ask for a refund for the last bill as there was internet interruption. They informed me there is no refund, but they can give me waiver if use for another month for the next bill!

Stupid P1. For those of who you bother to read my comments, trust me. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO P1.

Anonymous said...

What Anonymous posted on 14 June 2013 mentioned is completely right, they will drag your case beyond the billing date and charge you penalty, then they will cut and paste all T&C and forward to you in order not to waive the charges despite their mistake.

when you call them, despite difficult to get through they ask you to email to them, even the instruction to terminate they will ask you to email, this is how they can drag on and charge you more. Their unfulfilled promises is world known, they promise to refund RM50 for returning the modem but when come the time after you returned they will advise you that they their policy has been change. Don't even trust them on free modem either as one day when you terminate their fucking service, they will tell you all modem has to be returned to them and it is not free.


complaint To the following body:

Anonymous said...

I evr regret d day I sign up with P1, they are very fraudulent and cannot be trusted. After signing 2 yrs contract only to discover their service is crappy with some many fluctuations, upgrading, interruptions you name it. I wanted to stop using their service but they said I cannot terminate until two years or else I wld pay Rm500 penalty. I endured until 2 yrs elapsed but wasnt really using the internet cos its not reliable. I used streamyx mostly but still pay P1 bills to completion of the two yrs. During the time to terminate in June 2011 they said I have to go to their HQ in PJ together with the modem/device. On reaching there the guy who attended to me said my payment is up to date and I should fill and submit the termination form which I did. I askd for my Rm100 refundable deposit but they said it was used as registration so its non refundable. I even called the promoter whom I connected with to clarify but he said he no longer works with P1. Well there wasnt much to do at this point so I left the Rm100 and gave back their device but the guy said the device is my property that they wont have use for it and termination would reflect few days later as I still have a large unused quota wch I could used within the 4 days left before billing date. So I came back with the device and decided to utilize some of the quota. After 4 days they confirmed via email and sms that they have terminated the service. Now after two yrs time P1 sent me threatening email and sms of outstanding bills and is accusing me of not returning their device. At first I thought it was a joke but after calling to clarify i realized that they never terminated the service and expect me to pay the bills. It is obvious that P1 cannot satisfy its subscribers so they resort to fraudulent means of making money. Please if you like yourself and those around you advise them to stay away from these fraudulent people parading as internet service provider whereas

Anonymous said...

With almost same issues happening to different people who were unlucky to fall into the traps of P1, I am just wondering if legal actions is possible. P1 cannot keep on walking away with all these. I have my own bitter story with P1 but what difference would it make. I just pray the company folds up soon cos they are not ready for business but rather to exploit people.

Anonymous said...

YES BEWARE!!! definitely crooks! I also don't get angry easily but... here's a long story short.

2 years ago: I go to the P1 booth in Penang Gurney Plaza. Ask the guy to check if my area is covered. Guy says yes no problem, I sign the contract. He says can cancel within a week and give me refund straight away.

Same day: install everything properly, no signal at all, I go back to the guy, he actually check this time, "no lah your area no coverage". I ask to cancel the contract and get the refund, he say he cannot do that, must go Queensbay mall.

Next day: I go Queensbay, give back the modem, cancel contract, ask refund, they fuss and fuss. I have to wait 2 weeks until i get the refund check in the mailbox.

Few months later: get an email reminding me my bill is overdue (keep in mind, i didn't even connect to the internet ONCE). I contact the "caring" customer service to remind them the contract has been terminated. I get standard copy-paste reply from "caring" customer service.

After that i received regularly reminders to pay ghost bills, every time i contact customer service, every time they fail to do their job.

TWO BLOODY YEARS LATER: i get this email "Such inaction on your part leaves us no choice but to inform that we reserve the right, at our absolute discretion refer your name to a Credit Reporting Agency including CTOS, as a payment defaulter AND to add your name to the Intertelco defaulter list. This however, can be avoided if within two (2) weeks from the date of this letter, you settle all outstanding sums and return all P1 devices especially the modems in due course.
Conversely, if you persist in ignoring all opportunities provided in settling the outstanding payment within the two weeks (2) as stated above, we will proceed to recover the outstanding sums due to us, in which event, and in addition, you shall also bear the following

Additional administrative fees (currently RM50) to update your payment status with the said Credit Reporting Agency
During such periods, risk unsuccessful applications for credit and financing facilities; and
You will not be able to sign up for new services with other telecommunications companies while you are listed in the Intertelco defaulter list.
Finally, we strongly reiterate that it is in your best interest to settle all overdue amounts today, without delay. Contact our careline at 1300-03-8885 or log on to IMMEDIATELY. "
Yes, they trick me into buying a non-functioning product, harass me for two years, and then THREATEN ME! Now I understand how P1's big boss can get such big "compensations" (check out )

Anonymous said...

It happens to me also. I just sent a e-mail. Did u pay all outstanding money? Actually we dont need to pay for that since they made stupid error.

Anonymous said...

It happens to me also. I just sent a e-mail. Did u pay all outstanding money? Actually we dont need to pay for that since they made stupid error.

Anonymous said...

stupid.... in blog you can talk cock aaa... come lai la....

None said...

Have the same problem here after two bloody years later! >:-(

editor said...

no point complain to SKM because they just forward the complaint to P1, and P1 says the issue has been resolved. Unable to connect to customer service and they don't have service centres like Maxis.

No internet for 8 days and now the line has been disconnected, they want RM 20 for reconnection!
they sent email, issue has been resolved, please pay ! they never feel sorry , for what happened!!

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary said...

Funny how Anonymous 30 January 2014 22:00 can say, "stupid.... in blog you can talk cock aaa... come lai la..." and yet you yourself are ANONYMOUS!
P1 personnel? Most probably

P1 has terrible services, horrendous internet connections & lame customer service. Which is why right after my contract is done and over with in 2011, I immediately terminated my services and went to a new and BETTER internet service provider and have been happy with the new internet service provider ever since.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous,

same goes to me here and I give up to pay the 2 month outstanding n they dont allow to terminate if I dont payoff. Now end up me till 26 month outstanding.

So watch out for this ' ah long' type of company and try to suck up customer money for their profit.

Ah long company same as First they will say all yes for ur question n u can terminate if no signal before u sign up. Then after u hv sign. ....ah didnt read the agreement at ur back of the sign contract....this is the point how ah long company operate...the night mare comes....

good luck if u still dont believe.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

Actually i have been using P1 wimax for like 2 months last year in august and september , but i decided to terminate it because i was using it for the first month and all 3 was green , after a month later in september , all 3 turned out relatively red , keeps blinking every single seconds to red and yellow light and stays at 1 coverage. It`s dam weak.

Man this sucks ..... now its asking me to make it`s final payments of RM285.20 before i am listed in CTOS and Intertelco Listing. Actually i have already made an advance payment of RM 400.00 , but i don`t understand where did the RM 200 and the RM 85 comes from.

I don`t even know if i should contact them or go to ctos or just pay it....i have no idea what to do atm. To me i better let it off not paid , since i already made advance payment. And if i pay again it woulden`t be fair to me and i will be wasting my money.

Anonymous said...

HI, I'm Jun and yes! I've got the same problem too.

They use to be very good. Have been a P1 user for nearly 5 years until recently.

Internet is down for 2 months, tell me to call in when it is up so that they can do a waiver, but 1.5 months later I got really fedup and wish to terminate, they ignore and wants to charge plus saying you will have to return everything single damm thing when I've signed my contract long ago and they tell me everything is for rental.

And the refuse to terminate anything but to continue on the charges on the continuing months.

Which also accuses me of using the data when I turn on my P1 but can't even connect. Told them if you don't turn on the modem, how do I know it is connected. Which then tells you, no internet connection also need charges cause we have detected that you have so called used it.

Please do not use P1 peeps. You will soon experience such cases and find yourself in owing them hundreds of dollars when you're internet can't use and they don't bother calling you or fixing it but to bill you even though you called up like times in the range of a month too.

Anonymous said...

Hi buddies.... P1 really sucks!!!!!!! I was using P1 for more than 6 months, because of the contract......but whenever I use it keep says no network coverage......what the hell!!!in map it show my area is fully covered.... So what I did,I went and terminated the service after 6 months because of the bloody contract...I have already settle all the payment and return the broadband.....but what makes me damn post was when I received a msg from bloody P1 saying that I still have to pay Rm200...WTF!!!!!!!!!! I HV already settle the payment n return the broadband. I even hv the termination letter with me. Stupid P1!!!!!!!!!

bin said...

Hi All,

Wonder if you guys settle the outstanding after receiving the threatening email?

Unknown said...

Everyone should be alert about the P1.... they will do nothing to solve their customer problems.
i've just received the warning of CTOS & Intertelco Listing by P1....because of 2 years contract of p1...
SO IF ANY P1 operator call your to offer 2 years contract with an outstanding offer....just forget it... like me..they say if you don't have the coverage at your new house we can give you support coverage...that is surely GOOD... good for nothing.. When i email them they don't give any solution but say you still have to pay for the bills....

so the thing is!!!!!!!!!!!
DON'T USE P1!!!!!!

Hope there is nobody else had been like me....

Sulley said...

Don't pay your p1wimax bill. Go to Malaysia's consumer tribunal.

Anonymous said...

Yayaya, the customer service is veryyy suck. The line slow and is not stable at all these few weeks and I complaint at the chat service. But then The agent pissed me off first,LOLOLOL. What we can called is SHIT, STUPID customer service. It is very rude to pissed customer off first. They should listen to our complaint and solve it. Not just to make many ways to receive complaint or feedback and end up without solution. Stupid lahhh P1

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, DO NOT try P1. I have had them for 2 years and their connection was super bad. I stuck with them because i'm always away and do not really use much them much(though i plan to terminate it soon).

There were many occasions when their service would be unavailable for weeks, even for more than a month, without proper explanation.

Yes they have customer service but all they do is give you standard replies that really make you feel insulted. And if you call them, they would refuse to answer anything if you even have a few cent of unpaid bills. Their service personnel are untrained and very rude. if you go to their branches, they will not entertain you and tell you to call the 'careline' - which is really stupid.

The company will vanish soon, i am pretty sure.

Anonymous said...

6 years later, no improvement. Still using Wimax instead of LTE, their advertisement is a fucking joke. "Next level", they said, what the actual fuck, 2mbps is all they could do and they dare to use the phrase, "next level". What a fucking joke.

I'm using P1 because there is no Unifi at my area and therefore, I'm left with no choice but to use this bloody piece of shit. Another joke is the customer service, I recently had trouble with playing games online, my ping spikes to 1.9k and above, so I asked if there is a solution to this then I was told that they would start an investigation and contact me via email. So, I gave the agent my current email address and she confirmed my email address with me. So then I wait, 5 days have passed, I haven't receive any email from P1 so I asked again, another agent this time, told me they would send it again. Another 4 days have passed, then I asked again, this time it's the first agent, here is what she basically says, "I've sent the email to the email address that was registered to your account". Oh man, I've never been so speechless before, she still sent it to my old email address despite confirming my current email address with me. What the actual fuck, and the best part is, in the email it basically says they is nothing they can do to help me. Fuck this shit. If you have the options to subscribe to another ISP, preferably Telekom's products, please do yourself a favor and subscribe to their shit, never choose P1's shit.

Anonymous said...

I terminated P1 finally. They're suck from the beginning until today! It took me 1 week and almost 2 hours in front of the counter to do the termination! Can u how imagine how patient am I to deal with this cheater!
I'll tell everyone that I know: NEVER N NEVER USE P1!!!