Monday, 8 February 2010

Am Back (online) with Digi Broadband

Finally, last Friday, we terminated P1 Wimax. Hubby refused to pay the cancellation fee. Instead, we listed the chronology of events, quoting the complaint code numbers when we filled out the termination form.

After doing a lot of enquiries, plus some help from Lupie who gave me more numbers to call (thanks Lupie dear), we have chosen to subscribe to Digi. 

The reasons are:
1) It has a 7-day cooling off period while some do not.
2) It allows you to terminate the service within one year (after the 7-day cooling off period), by just paying RM15 x the remaining months of the year.
3) The sales staff was willing to come to our home with a modem to test out the coverage before we sign up.
4) The connection is instant, immediately available upon registration.

So far, I am quite happy with it, and am keeping my fingers crossed that Digi Internet might live up to its slogan......"Broadband done right". 


lupie said...

Hey, hey, hey - "welcome back!" !!!!

ms kay poh said...

did they say how much is the cancellation fee if you need to terminate after one year (no.2) ?

ManekiNeko said...

Yes, welcome back! And thanks again for saving me from falling into the P1 trap! Please let us know how the Digi experience goes, ok? :-)

Imagine an internet provider saying that failure to provide internet service is no cause to cancel a contract!?! I heard the same story from one of my blind friends who signed up for P1 & has tried to cancel. He's filing official complaints with gov't agencies all over town. I wouldn't want to work for P1 nowadays.


Blackie Bond said...

am certainly glad to be online again...was so internet-deprived while hubby who has internet in the office and so is not as deprived, just saw the whole thing as "good for detoxification"!

ms kay poh,
if you cancel after one year, there is no charges.

maneki neko,
will certainly post an update on my experience with digi internet when the 7 days is up.

So far, so's much faster than P1 Wimax, but then, it's relatively new and who knows what it'll be like 6 months down the road when they have more subscribers.

The Chair Speaks said...

Welcome back but did not see you online.

Vivien Lim said...

welcome back haha
no wonder didnt hear from you quite a while..

so finally you are up with Digi and not p1Suck! hahaha

how much do you pay for this digi ?