Friday, 26 September 2008

Selamat Hari Raya & Away For Two Nights

To my Muslim friends, I'd like to wish you and your family
Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri 
and to my non-Muslim friends, Happy Holidays!!

My hubby's office is closed one week for the Raya holidays, and their annual leave deducted. No, they don't have a choice. They can't say they want to come in to work and not have their leave deducted. 

What are we going to do to amuse ourselves for one whole week? Eat, sleep and poo? Yes, that too. But besides that? 

Well, hubby wanted to go and soak in the sun along the beach in Penang. Yes, he fancies himself as a baked potato now!

As for me, I'm so looking forward to eating, eating, and eating in Penang. Oh yeah, let's not forget the poo part. Wouldn't want to bloat up and explode like a frog....LOLs...

So, Penang, here we come!!!!! We'll be leaving tomorrow morning (28 Sept), and will be back on Tuesday evening (30 Sept). Try not to miss me too much, friends.


lupie said...

Holiday? Penang ... Blackie the master going too?

I guess I am stucked here, hubby is one of those who would do anything just to avoid "crowd"!!

And, ONION is still unwell.... I have to hand-feed her, make sure she drinks. Plus, she is one stubborn gal when it comes to taking her meds!!! She spits her antibiotic out so many times that I am not sure if it is potent anymore!

Enough about ME!! You have a good and well deserved holiday ya??

Blackie Bond said...

no lah, lupie. King Blackie is staying back with my mum. He is like your hubby, he doesn't like crowds.

Oh no, I'm so sad to hear that ONION is still's hard feed meds to them.

One way I found useful was to cut the pill up into smaller bits, and mixed it with wet food. It must be in smaller bits, or ONION will pick at the food, leaving the antibiotic there.

Another method is to open her mouth and put it inside, then quickly blow into her face. She'll blink and automatically swallow it.

Hope this works for u....keep me posted on ONION's progress, ok?

Meanwhile, you remember to take good care of yourself and don't overtire yourself, dear.

Hugs and kisses to ONION.

ms kay poh said...

enjoy your holiday, mr & mrs potato!

ms kay poh said...

erm, forgot to ask, what happens if someone didn't have enough leave left (due to having gone for holiday earlier in the year and all used up already) to deduct for one whole week? then how?

cazzycazz said...

I bet you are currently enjoying the food, the sun, the sea & lots of pooing in Penang!

Hehehehe..... Miss you already & quickly come back & start blogging!!! Master Blackie must be wondering & looking for his slave mummy already!!


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Selamat Hari Raya!

Blackie Bond said...

Hi Ms Kay Poh,
Thanks, we did enjoy our stay in Penang.

I think if a person's annual leave has been utilised and there is none left to deduct from, then the boss might deduct the person's pay in lieu of leave.

Cazz dear,
There wasn't any rained and rained, and we didn't get to go to the beach. :(

Yeah, I think master Blackie must have missed me. He shadowed me around my home, and is now lying next to my arm, on my desk.

Run With The Wave:
Thanks for the invitation. Will consider it. And thank you for visiting my blog.