Monday, 22 September 2008

Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia, Here I Go Again...My My

Help! I just can't seem to stop singing this song...well, my definition of what singing is. 

My hubby thinks it's more like draging a cow up a tree (translated directly from Cantonese). Anyone ever tried to drag a cow up a tree? Or drag a cow against its will for that matter? 

Well, not that I've ever dragged a cow or come that close to a cow before, but I can imagine the moooooos of protest..........and that's what my hubby likens my singing to.... Hmmphh!!  Thanks, hubby, love you too. 

Anyway, the day that I had been waiting for finally arrived yesterday - the Premiere Screening of Mamma Mia! The Movie by Nuffnang. I made my hubby come home early (early means he gets home at 7:00pm) so that we could have dinner at 1-Utama before the show.

Nuffnang had set up a booth for us to collect our tickets. They had some cool badges, too. Hubby and I took one each.
Above: The ticket   Below: The badge
I was a little disappointed that I didn't see my friend, CazzyCazz there. I kept a lookout, and did see a hip couple making a beeline for the stairs to hall 9, but could not be sure if it was CazzyCazz.

At 9:00pm sharp, the movie began without any trailers or commercials. Yes, they don't believe in wasting the audience's time. 

And now, without further ado, let's get to the point of this post....what I thought of the movie. 

The long and short of it is, I enjoyed every minute of it, though my hubby found the opening act rather nauseous. He's not one for giddy, girly scenes to be stretched to ten full minutes. As for me, I was just waiting impatiently for former James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) to make his appearance.

I haven't seen Pierce Brosnan's movies for ages, and couldn't help drooling when he finally appeared. He has aged quite a bit, but still looked as gorgeous as ever. However, I must say I have a little difficulty with the "Don Juan" role....

I thought he looked really hilarious when he sang those Abba songs while trying to look like he has some tender feelings for Donna, Meryl Streep's character. Instead of looking passionate, tender and whatever else that comes with lovey-dovey feelings, he ended up looking like he was having some chronic constipation.

And....he can't sing. The whole cast can't sing, as a matter of fact. If you are an American Idol avid fan like I am, you could just picture Simon Cowell giving them the thumbs down. Yes, the delectable Pierce Brosnan, Meryl Streep and others are American Idol rejects....albeit very cute and entertaining rejects.....

Another's not very appealing to see women past their prime prancing around with their sagging boobs showing, and generally behaving like teeny-boppers. It would have been a better movie had the producer and director gotten a younger cast, and perhaps filmed it in Copenhagen. After all, Abba is a Swedish group.

But that said, there are two things that I really like about this movie. First, it is obvious that the cast are truly having a great time, enjoying themselves despite the heat on the island (perspiration could be seen trickling down Meryl Streep's neck while dots of sweat formed on Pierce Brosnan's forehead). 

Second, you could sense the chemistry between Donna and her two best friends. They are there for her. It really inpsires you to treasure the friendships you have - I would want my best friend to remain my best friend 20 years on.


cazzycazz said...

Blackie.......... T_T........T_T.........
Why didn't we pin red roses leh?? Like the olden days.... It still works...... T_T.....

Blackie Bond said...

Hehe, Cazz, I really thot I could identify you...but suddenly I found I wasn't sure if that was you. Yeah, next time we pin red roses... :)

cazzycazz said...

Hehehe ok set!!

ms kay poh said...

wah so shiok

Blackie Bond said...

Cazz! YES! *waving*

Ms Kay Poh! yes, it was shiok, i was tapping away to the music...mind u, the music, not the singing, hehe.