Sunday, 15 February 2009

Plasma TV Just Got Bigger!!!!

Yesterday, while scouring around an electrical shop at 1-Utama, we came across Malaysia's largest plasma TV.....103"!!!! And the price? A whopping RM220,000!!!

But the picture quality is not as sharp as the 50" plasma TV yet. It will take some time before the technology catches up, I think. 

Wish I can afford such a TV, but then, I'll probably have to upgrade to a larger house to accomodate such a huge TV....hahahah!!!

The 103" TV made the 50" look like dwarves

A zoomed in view of the price tag


CazzyCazz said...

wahhhhhhhhhhh, this is huge!!! RM220K?? Siao ah?? With that amount of money, i could build a big cat house and start my rescue mission!! Kekekekeke

Blackie Bond said...

Ya lor....I also cannot imagine. I pretended I have the TV, and tried measuring the walls where a TV could go in, and arrived at the conclusion that my home is too small for it, so have to throw the TV away....hahahaah!!!

thefluffies said...

With that amount, i can buy 2 units of apartment i'm renting now :P

ms kay poh said...

not only is your home too small for it, your home costs less than the tv!!!

Blackie Bond said...

yeah, what an incredible price, huh? I bet those who buy that TV are those who live in RM2.2mil homes...

ms kay poh,
i just got lucky...the lower floor units were sold from RM240K, a year later.

So, I could sell my home and buy that TV!

But then, I would be living on the streets with a 103" plasma TV with no electricity outlet to plug it in! hahaha!!!