Thursday, 18 December 2008

Rocicrus Foundation Supports No-Kill Shelters

Rocricrus Foundation is a program founded by Clement in Penang to support independent no-kill shelters. The name Rocricrus was derived from the founder's three miniature Schnauzer, Rocky, Ricky and Rusty.

Millions of shelters like SPCA and PAWS kill the animals placed in their care to make room for new animals being surrendered. They also kill very young animals, under the belief that no one wants to adopt such a young animal that requires care like a human baby. 

I had made the mistake once, to surrender a 2-week-old kitten that I rescued from a garbage dumpster to one of those shelters, and after issuing me a receipt (a donation is requested for the animal that you surrendered to their care), the lady-in-charge told me that they would put the kitten to sleep as it was too young to be adopted. 

Even if they don't kill the animals surrendered to them instantly, those animals have an "expiry shelf-life". If they are not adopted within, say a week, they will be killed. This is to make room for "more adoptable" animals.

They use the word "euthanasia" to cover up what really happened in the shelters. Genuine euthanasia is a medical decision and is always done in an individual animal's best interest. Below is the definition extracted from The American Heritage Dictionary.

"Euthanasia n. The act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment. The American Heritage Dictionary"

In those animal shelters, the decision to kill reflect the operating interests of the facilities, not in the best interest of the animals.

Rocricrus Foundation aims to support independent no-kill rescue programs. To find out how you can help contribute to the foundation, please visit : 


Anonymous said...

Hi blackie, i was googling for no-kill shelter and your blog came up!

do you know of any no-kill shelter in kl? i'd like to work with them



Blackie Bond said...

Hi Ashley,
Welcome to my little humble blog! ;)

I think Furry Farms is a no-kill shelter, but I suggest you research them out first to assure yourself that they really are no-kill shelters.

According to clement, spca seberang perai is also a no-kill shelter, although I'm not sure why that is so, since spca ampang is a kill shelter.