Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Canon A430 Powershot Digital Camera Has Design Defects

For the past 3 days, I've been having problems with my camera. I've had it for 2.5 years. It's a Canon A430 Powershot.

During the day, photos turned out "overexposed". Below is a shot I took of the yard of my home during the day. It was quite gloomy & dark at the time the shot was taken. Instead of appearing dark and underexposed, the result was an image of too much light! 

Notice the horizontal lines on the photo

The shot below was taken inside my living room. We bought this sign for Blackie's room yesterday. The background was a beige colour, but the result was anything but beige.

Again, notice the horizontal bands

I googled to find out what the problem is, and discovered that worldwide, there are many people with similar problems when their camera approaches 2 years. It seems that it's a lens and shutter problem, where after x number of shots are taken, the cable snaps and the lens & shutter malfunction. It also appears to be a "design defect". Their video is clear, just like mine, too.

It also looks like it costs almost the price of a new camera to replace the lens and shutter. *sigh* Does this mean I have to buy another camera? Any recommendations, anyone? I love to take night scenes, so a camera that produces excellent night shots is a must. 


lupie said...

Eh ... our cameras broken at about the same time leh....

Must be our master(s) conspiracy!


Jason Law said...

Yeaaa~ Is time to buy a new camera for you to buy for your Christmas present ^^

Btw, are you serious about the cat USB...?

Blackie Bond said...

Your camera konked at the same time? Aiyoh! Didn't you just buy a new one not too long ago?

hehehe....you're buying it for me?? ;)

How much is the cat USB? If it's too expensive, I doubt I can find enough members who want to share in the bulk purchase.

ms kay poh said...

i have a canon powershot A60 which i bought 5 years ago. it still works but then i don't use it very much. i think olympus might be a good brand?

Daryl Teo said...

Hmm i'm actually out looking for a camera but having read this i doubt i'll get a Canon now!

Blackie Bond said...

ms kay poh:
I am looking at some of olympus, but have no idea how much they are as I have not found any local website yet.

I've lost my confidence in Canon, too. I read that other models have this design defect, too, but they were recalled while this particular model wasn't.

It makes me wonder if there are any other models from Canon that have similar defects but were not recalled.

Johnny Ong said...

go for nikon brand cameras. so far, the number of people that i have influenced in getting the nikon brand have not faced any problems yet and that is as far back as 5 yrs now

fyi, my nikon digital cam is heavily used and my future dslr cam will be a nikon too

CazzyCazz said...

Blackie dear,
There is a model of Olympus which can be used underwater too. I thought i saw the camera selling at RM1100 before, but i seriously have no idea on how good the cam is. I have tried some of the Olympus models(cheaper range type), the picture quality is good, even indoor pictures are really clear. Night scene? Not sure leh... But keep in mind the accessories are expensive. :)

Oh ya, advice from my dad before. He always remind me not to judge the picture quality base on the digicam screen itself. It may appear to be crystal clear on the LCD but turn out to be bad on monitor. So if possible, get them to load the pictures onto a comp/laptop and show. Be careful with your choice, i have gotten the wrong digicam and how waiting patiently for it to die on me! Kekekeke....

Blackie Bond said...

haha....anytime you wish for your digicam to die, just lend it to me. I'm sure I'll be able to "kill" it off quickly for you so that you'll have an excuse to go buy a new one....hahaha.

I'm currently doing lots of reading up on Olympus, Nikon and Panasonic. Heard that Panasonic is good, too.

Quite interesting, to be able to do all the comparisons before I even go out to the PC Fair!

Blackie Bond said...

Oh yeah, thanks for the tip on downloading to computer, Cazz. *hugs*

Jason Law said...

I hope to get a DSLR someday~ Haha..

Hmm..I thought you were joking for the cat USB. It is about $2.07 per piece. Minimum order is 100.

Check your mail :)

CazzyCazz said...

Baby Bro, RM2.07??? USD2.07??

Blackie Bond said...

Hehe, Cazz, it's USD2.07, not ringgit....hahaha.

But the quotation sent said minimum order is 300. But I'll check and find out for you later, ok? Very busy now.