Friday, 24 October 2008

Jennifer Hudson's Mother & Brother Killed

The mother and brother of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson, was found shot dead at the family's home in Chicago. Police said the murders appeared to be a result of domestic dispute. Jennifer is reported to be flying home to Chicago from Florida. 

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Poor Jennifer. Hers is a tight-knit family. In American Idol, she attributed her being there to her mother. She said that had it not been for her mother, she would not have joined the American Idol.

My deepest condolence to Jennifer on her bereavement. 


Johnny Ong said...

again, the ease in obtaining guns in usa

Blackie Bond said...

Yup. Agree with you there, Johnny. But I also think it's the mentality, too. I don't mean to be racist, and my apologies if I come across sounding like one, but the blacks tend to settle any disputes with firepower rather than civil discussions. They are more hotheaded and tend to act first and think later.

ms kay poh said...

i agree with blackie that it's the mentality (though not necessarily limited to any particular race). i just felt it's unfair to penalize everyone (if guns were to be outlawed) because there are a lot of us who buy a gun in order to provide meat for their families.