Tuesday, 30 September 2008

We're back!!

Mr & Mrs Potato are back!! And we just missed being stranded in Penang....heard it reported on telly just now that Penang is immersed in 1 meter high flood waters. I'm not suprised. 

It had been raining day and night on Monday, and by night time, some parts of Penang were already flooded (about 3 inches of water).  In fact, we were rather apprehensive that we might be stranded there and unable to make it home to KL today.

Well, more reports on my trip later.....got to go to bed now. **Yawn!**


ms kay poh said...

what sampah did u eat?

Blackie Bond said...

ms kay poh!
haha, we ate the usual rubbish: mee goreng, kuih nyonya, chee cheong fun, penang curry mee, penang wantan mee, fried oyster, otak2, prawn mee, fried koay teow...etc.