Tuesday, 30 September 2008

GoodHope Inn, Penang

Good morning, everyone (yawn!). Well, not exactly morning, since it's 11:47am now. But hey, I just woke up an hour ago, so I'm entitled to my morning. My noon begins at 3pm and evening begins at 12am if you're interested (hubby says he has to teach me how to tell time la)....LOLs.

We stayed at GoodHope Inn, a place we've never tried before....I like to try different hotels just as I like trying different food all the time.

GoodHope is located at Jalan Kelawei, next to Evergreen Laurel Hotel. It is a modest 3 storey inn, modified from an apartment. 

What I like about it:
- It's clean and well maintained.
- Central and convenient location to Gurney Drive, Pulau Tikus and town, where all the wonderful food is.
- Reasonable rate, at RM85 nett per night 

What I don't like about it:
- Parking is inconvenient. 
There's limited parking space......only ten cars can park inside the premises. The staff at the reception told us that we could park at the hotel next door, from 9pm to 10am the next morning, for RM2. He said they will reimburse us the parking fee when we check out.

On the surface, the parking deal looks ok. But being on holiday, we discovered that we do not wake up before 10am. We woke up at 10:40am the  next morning, and hubby dashed out to remove his car without combing his hair or changing. 

The next night we wanted to park outside the hotel at the city council parking bays, but were told that it's not safe to do so. Apparently, the chances of having our car's window smashed and broken into are very high. 

On the whole, we felt very inconvenienced. I guess it didn't help that it was raining cats and dogs and we had our shoes soaked wet in two inches of water walking from the car to the hotel.

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