Friday, 20 July 2012

Help Feed Us!

The human said it's time we start to earn our keep. She has set up a blog-store to sell her handmade beaded jewelry. She said we are to help her popularize it. She'll be able to keep us in our current lifestyle if only 100 people were to buy one item a month. 

We are speechless. Where are we going to find 100 people to buy one item a month??!!! Some help is needed here. 

Yin thinks she'd have better luck bringing in the bacon if she prostitutes herself.....Yin, that is, not the human. The human is too old for that. She'd probably have to pay her customer if she ever became one.

We need to eat....meow.....please help spread the word that Charlene'z Handmade Jewelry is now in business. 

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