Wednesday, 27 April 2011

More Sex Please, We Are Malaysians!!!

It has been thought that food is a Malaysian national obsession. A friend from the UK once noted that Malaysians are always eating, no matter what time of the day or night it is, and if they are not eating, they are thinking of eating or talking about eating. I agreed with him. 

On the surface, it does look like Malaysians are obsessed with food. However, if you take a closer look, you might think again. For hidden beneath the layers of gluttony, lies another, secret obsession. People from all walks of life -- politicians, police, wardens, lawyers, engineers, teachers, cooks, housewives, the media, the general public -- are obsessed with one thing...SEX.

No, we are not making out like rabbits and hamsters 24/7, we are obsessed with knowing about other people having sex and sodomy. *slap forehead* Just take a look at our newspapers, day in, day out, there is bound to be a few reports on other people having sex. Just do a search for the word "sex" in The Star Online and you'll be amazed at the tons and tons of news that came up.

We have police crowding around a table, watching videos after videos of politicians having sex, and we have politicians clamouring for said videos to be screened for their viewing pleasure. 

And then, we have Ibrahim Ali who stumbled upon the realisation that the reason Malaysian men stray from their wives and have affairs is because their wives neglect their duty by not dropping whatever it is they're doing and jumping into bed with their husbands when they (the husbands) have the urge. 

And today, we have an engineer who saves her marriage by watching porn while the police say they are willing to expose the performer of a sex video. Gee, is the public going to get a treat of the bums of a sex performer??!! I'm sure all Malaysians are waiting with bated breath for more....give me more, give me more, we are Malaysians.....

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P/s: Perhaps I ought to start a label 'Sex'  in my blog and file this post there instead of 'Laughs' or 'Random Thots'....
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Au and Target said...

Yup, it's fascinating isn't it? All these "moral" people obsessing about what other people do in bed, and us "not so moral lah" people being all for privacy and let live.

Au and Target said...

BTW, I hope you don't mind being lumped in with us "not so moral lah" people!

Blackie Bond said...

Let me be the last person to join the "moral" group, and I seriously think it's a compliment to be lumped into the "not so moral lah" people, LOL!!