Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Having Fun With Cat Tunnel

Another little comic strip of my's one of my favourite past-time, playing with my cats, I mean.

Blackie - extremely tired after a 2-hour-play and run.


The Chair Speaks said...

Both cats played the tunnel correctly unlike mine who will jump on it and then crush it! Got the pictures but didn't post yet.

lupie said...

They must have read the manual!!!

ManekiNeko said...

All right, now we have a bad case of tunnel envy over here in Brickfields. Where did you get it??


Blackie Bond said...

As lupie said, my cats read the manual!! :D

guess that's have tunnel envy there, and we have pipe cleaners envy here. ;)

I got it from Jimmy's shop...err, Home Pet Food & Care. :)

Vivien Lim said...

damn funny la.........your two cats + you...good good ..very nice ..... :)

ManekiNeko said...

Ah, the pipe cleaners... I still have a nearly full packet of them with Blackie's & Yin's names on them!

In the meantime, however, my clever neighbour discovered that craft shops often have them, and really fun and furry ones, even with sparkles! :-)

I really must try to find Jimmy's shop one of these days. It looks like he's not too far from the LRT station...

Blackie Bond said...

u shld have seen how they played. blackie was very hyper. he didn't want to stop.

aww, you even had bags with their names written on it!! if blackie & yin could type, they would say thank u to u personally here.

craft shops have furry and even sparkles pipe cleaners??!! wow! so now we know we can get them locally, huh? I think I should google for a picture of pipe cleaners. do u know I have no idea what they look like? *smack forehead*

I'm not sure where the LRT station in Sri Petaling is, but the next time I see him, I'll ask....most likely in the next few days, as his sweet wife has volunteered to take in a one-eyed stray cat I saw at Selayang (not for rehoming but as their pet). I just have to catch it, with my vet's help, and get it checked and treated first. Wish me luck. Went today, but the cat wasn't there.

Vivien Lim said...

one of this day i want to come to your place and tug with blackie and faye!!!!