Thursday, 16 April 2009

Life Is Grand

The Fluffies has sent me an award...... I'm not sure how I'm supposed to go about doing this, but I guess the first thing to do is to copy the image and the rules & paste them here. 

The 'Life is Grand' Award comes with these rules:
  • Give five reasons why you think life is grand
  • Pass it on to 5 more blogs

Why life is grand? Hmm....let me think....

1) A bed that I call my own, although I'm kind enough to share it with my slave. 

2) My very own sofa

3) Anything that my heart desires
Slave: What would you like? Milk or warm water?
Master Blackie: Milk, please. Shaken, not stirred

4) An obedient slave
Slave: Here's your milk, shaken, not stirred, as you requested.
Master Blackie: Put it down between my paws.

5) A safe window ledge to watch those silly birds from that all? If so, I'm gonna sleep now.


And I'd like to pass the award to.....


Vivien Lim said...

i want blackie as my award
hahaha he very cute laaaaaaaaaa

lazzybunny said...

uik.. me got awarded .... waaaaa..
thank you thank you.... hehehe.. you're right laa.. vivien... give me Blackie as award laaa..

Blackie Bond said...

hahaha.....can, can, I give both of you pictures of Blackie.... ;)

thefluffies said...

Waaah blackie.. Your life is soooo grand! What a bliss!!!

LIZZIE said...

Blackie! Thanks for including me as a recipient.. I am so touched. I have been caught up with a lot of extra work outside and hadn't been able to update my blog. But I will surely include this in my next post ya Blackie.. Thank you very much you cute little thing you! *Hugs*


P/S: I suddenly tersalah add this comment into ur guestbook pulak.. Aiyaaa.. So sorry! Hehehe :P

lupie said...

Blackie is so cute and "siew yeh" like! {{{hugs}}}

LoVe said...

Blackie soooo have the 'Master' look.. not only is he the master, he KNOWS he is THE Master...his expression gives it away... no way out for the slave, as Blackie has made sure, everyone knows who's the master...Dear Blackie...thanks for the award....We've been busy with 'the little one'. We'll be updating our blog soon ;)...-LoVe- Bulan & Bintang + 'the lil 1', Michiko..