Friday, 7 November 2008

I Got The Tickets!!!

Yes!! I got the tickets to the Premiere Screening of Quantum of Solace. And so did my dear friend, CazzyCazz

We had given up hope, and I was just about to go shoot Nuffnang and Agent Botak when we both received the emails from Nuffnang at 5:17pm. We immediately sms each other to check our emails.....yes, our sms crossed paths...hehe.

Thanks, GoMobile, Nuffnang and Agent Botak. You didn't know how you missed deaths by just a few seconds... :D

Agent Double O Seven, here I come, dressed for the party....meow!  ;)


ms kay poh said...

congratulations blackie!!!
i am sure you will enjoy the movie

Blackie Bond said...

hehe, thanks ms kay poh. but i bet after the movie i'll feel miserable. why? becos i can't afford to get all those cool toys & gadgets like bond's aston martin. :`(

CazzyCazz said...

hehehe.... Not bad lah hor this round, gotten free popcorn and drinks!! So good to see you again and sorry for my swollen eyes and i could hardly hold it open throughout the movie and dinner!! Kekekeke.... Hai, i thought we could walk away with the prizes as well. But nvmind lah, should be thankful at least i get to see you again and FREE MOVIE!!
I wish next time we get to get afternoon session instead of evening show, so at least after movie we can lepak and yam char and spend longer time chatting.... :P Muaks

Daryl Teo said...

Watched it over the weekend. Fast paced and tight story line but somewhat lacking the Bond feel....maybe i was expecting more spy gadgets & stuffs! haha! Men will always be kids!

Blackie Bond said...

Yup, FREE popcorn & coke plus movie this time...ya lor, so disappointed we didn't get the prizes. Yes, it was great that we got to chat-n-chew longer this time round...maybe next time I cook curry I invite you & Dav over (since he said he likes curry)...hmmm?

Blackie Bond said...

I missed the toys & gadgets, too. And this time, except for the opening scene when he totalled the Aston Martin, he drove a Ford...boring.

CazzyCazz said...

Curry??? Oh yes and that is so nice of you!! Kekekeke.... Hugz

Yes, LACKING OF BOND FEEL it is!! I thought i find something missing in this movie but could not tell. And the actions, aiyoh aiyoh, everything was flying here and there within a flick of an eyelid and i could not tell who is shooting who and who is punching how!! lols..... Ya, they somehow missed the gadgets part, which is a shame!

Blackie Bond said...

cazz dear,
Yes, you & Dav will be invited. Hopefully it'll pass Dav's test of something that qualifies to be called!!

ok, when I plan to cook it, I'll let u know so we can arrange a meet. hugz.