Monday, 20 June 2011

Restoran E Soo Yong Tou Foo @ Kepong

Last Saturday evening after we bought a pair of tickets to "Super 8" at MBO, Tesco Kepong, we could not decide where to have dinner before the movie began. The food there were not particularly good and Blockhouse, the restaurant serving Western cuisine across the road was one of the worst we'd ever had. Very amateurish. 

Undecided, we walked up and down the road a couple of times and finally decided to join the crowd at Restoran E Soo Yong Tou Foo. Given a choice, yong tau foo is not something I'd choose but I have to say that E Soo served a rather fresh and large yong tau foo pieces.

We ate a few pieces before I remembered to take a picture. The fried aubergines were not overdone nor soggy soft. They tasted like they had just been freshly fried to order. None of the pre-fried and then heated up again taste. The fried dumplings were not bad either. The proprietors were generous with the filling.

I dug out the fish paste, gave it to hubby and ate only the emptied-out bittercurd and okra. I don't like fish paste, and that's the reason why I don't like yong tau foo. If only they would serve yong tau foo without the fish paste filling, a la vegetarian!!

Ah, assam vegetable. That's the highlight of the dinner where I was concerned. It was not too sour, the way I liked it. I added so much of the gravy onto my rice that it was literally swimming in the gravy. Very appetizing. 

The bill came to RM20.50 for two. The yong tau foo was RM1.10 per piece while the assam vegetable was RM5. We had water instead of tea as I've found that drinking tea after 5pm didn't help my insomnia. It only made it worse.

Restoran E Soo
No. 55 Jalan 9/62A
Bandar Sri Manjalara
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 - 308 0727

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Au and Target said...

This will sound all wrong but I'm glad you're having a bad time finding good food because I am too. I've almost stopped eating out...