Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Little Tyke Is At It Again

Plants and flowers used to be found in every crook and corner, and on side tables, coffee tables, or dining tables in my home. Those were things of the past ever since Blackie took over my home five and a half years ago.

Nearly two weeks earlier, a friend, AC, gave me a lovely bunch of chrysanthemums for my birthday. Thank you for those lovely flowers that brightened up my home, A.

Less than three hours later, Blackie started to chew them. By the time I returned from Cameron Highlands, they were half gone. 

And this morning, I caught the little tyke chewing the lavenders I bought at Cameron Highlands.

Trying to look innocent

Oops...he knocked down the vase....I caught it just in time

The vase is now sitting on top of my shoe cabinet outside, between the gate and the door, and Blackie is now sitting there, working out the details of how to get up on the shoe cabinet. He rushed back inside when I tried to take a picture of him. Goes to show the little tyke knows the flowers are off-limits to him.


Au and Target said...

Oh how evil! We used to have a cat called Mr Bell who would pick tulips out of any arrangement. He HATED tulips! Better watch out that Blackie doesn't' chew on plants poisonous to kitties.

Vivien Lim said...

maybe he is trying to go on a crash diet...eating only stuff like flowers to stay fit.....

since he is so damn round hehee..

lupie said...

He is so ... well, rounded ... muscles are round, right?

Hehehe ...... hehehe ....