Friday, 20 May 2011

Jasmine Cafe @ Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Located along the main road at Tanah Rata, Jasmine Cafe was touted as the best Western food in Cameron Highlands. It has been around since the early 1990s and supposedly opens till late as the outlet has a liquor license and was supposed to be a place to hangout at night (Cameron Highlands does not have a nightlife).

Imagine our surprise when it started rolling down its shutters at five minutes to nine (8.55pm) when we were there. Not that we had planned to hang out there, but still, we wondered if 9pm is considered late hours by Cameron's standard. Here, in KL, if you close at midnight, it's considered early.

Anyway, we had already finished our dinner and were already out of the premises, so we have no complaints with their extremely early closing hours.

Their smoked duck was touted as one of their specialties, so we ordered that.

While the meat was tender and juicy, the high sodium level put me off completely. I thought I had eaten a teaspoon of salt instead of duck. Hubby, who has a higher tolerance for salty food, was asked to help finished it. Even he could not finish the duck, that was how salty it was. 

When we paid the bill, we gave our feedback to the proprietor, and he seemed surprised that we found it too salty. I suppose his sodium-tolerance is even higher than hubby's.

The beef fillet was alright, done medium-rare, the way we liked it. But it could have been better if they had used a less chewy and fibrous part of the cow.

The only saving grace is the tomato soup which we both ordered a bowl each. 

Overall, we were disappointed in Jasmine Cafe. The proprietor, who is also the chef, is supposed to have learned the art of cooking in Europe. Yet, what we had was subpar quality.

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