Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Shame On This Pet Shop Owner

This pet shop, on the ground floor of Tesco, Selayang started off selling only rabbits and hamsters. Two Sundays ago,  they brought in two domestic long hair kittens. They cleared a space occupied by hamsters for the kittens. 

Since it was designed for smaller animals like hamsters, the two kittens could not stand up straight. They could only stand up with their legs bent, backs hunched, and their heads and backs scraped against the top of the space. 

It's not like they don't have any cages for cats. They have several stacked up for sale. But no, they want to sell each and every cage they have, and are not willing to incur some costs to make the kittens comfortable.

And last Sunday, they added another kitten to the small space!! 

Lower Ground Floor
Tesco Selayang
1081 Jalan Ipoh
Kuala Lumpur

On the night of May 24, 2010 I was at Tesco Selayang once more, and I passed by the pet shop to see if any changes had taken place. The kittens are placed in two cages now. 


thefluffies said...


cazzycazz said...

This is really way too much!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could provide this info to the local SPCA ?? It looks like it could warrant a cruelty investigation.......

lupie said...

Poor kitties!
Maybe we can forward to K.Anum?

Vivien Lim said...

i think i seen this before somewhere yes i totally agree with you
they cannot SELL PETS AT HYPERMARKET GOODNESS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they are not trained and there isnt anyone attending to it...goodness i pity all the cats, rabbits and even hamster..

they are just so crazy!