Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Most Atrocious and Barbaric Act Towards Dogs In Bali

Poisoned dogs will writhe in pain, convulsing as the strychnine paralyses their muscles, finally suffocating to death as the muscles that control their breathing fail. No dog should be allowed to suffer like this and the Indonesian Government in Bali is responsible for this cruel massacre as they organized it. 

Please help those dogs by signing the petition at the link below, and spread the word to let everyone know we need help signing the petition.

Thank you on behalf of the dogs.

Sign petition >>>http://www.thepetitionsite


lupie said...

Signed! Thanks for highlighting or I'll never know. Have always thought of good things about Bali..

The You-Tube thingy is not working! Probably being removed out of pressure.

Thanks C!

Blackie Bond said...

you're right, lupie. the video has been removed from youtube. :(