Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sojourn in Cameron Highlands

NB: This is the 1st part of my sojourn in Cameron Highlands.
2nd part: Hotel Casa dela Rossa in Cameron Highlands
3rd part: Tunnel Tunnel @ Cameron Highlands
4th part: Where To Eat @ Cameron Highlands

Some people like holidays with lots of hustle & bustle activities like shopping, going from one tourist destination to another. Others prefer a quiet, relaxing holiday where you can just hang out in your pajamas and be a bum all day long. I belong to the latter category.

Since I hate flying with a passion (I still remember those 18-hour non-stop-puking flights when I was a student in UK --- I even used up all the airsick bags in one particular flight!), I could only go to destinations where I could drive or take the rail.

So, it's always either to the beach, the jungle or the mountains when we need to unwind and relax.

Cameron Highlands was the voted place as the last time we were there was in September 2007. Aside from strawberries now being one of the largest export industry in the country (tea has taken a backseat), there weren't much changes.

The trip did, however, inspire me to do a write-up on Where To Eat and some interesting sights, which I shall break into separate posts for my easy reference in the future.

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