Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I Am So Dumb....

I can't believe I'm so dumb....!!!! I was adding another blog URL that I follow onto my blogroll list, and instead of clicking "Save", I clicked "Cancel". Now I've lost all those blogger friends' blog URLs!!!! Other than three friends' blogs, which I could easily get hold of, I don't know the rest of the blogs' URL!!!!

Can anyone be dumber than this??!!! *smacking forehead*


The Chair Speaks said...

Thank you Blackie007 for remembering my URL. :)

Though I have a blogroll list, at times I still type out the URL to exercise my memory so I won't forget.

Vivien Lim said...

it happens..its more like careless - we make silly mistakes along the way

no worries..you are not the only one

me too i tend to place my stuff and i dont know where is it
and i get so work up after that haha

due to my stupid silly careless mistakes hehe