Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Michael Learns To Rock in Malaysia Again

Calling all Michael Learns To Rock fans!!! They're here again....and....AFTER twenty-one years, they're STILL LEARNING how to rock at Genting Highlands on 5th September 2009. :)

For the benefit of those younger than me (ahem!), Michael Learns To Rock was formed as a cafe-band in 1987 by a group of high school Danish students, Jasca Richter, Kare Wanscher and Mikkel Lentz.

A year later, Soren Madsen joined the group and they entered the city's annual talent show. The group won and they suddenly found that they had to stick with their hastily formed name, even 21 years later.

They tried changing it to MLTR, but later switched back to the original name. Maybe, just maybe, if they had consulted me, and renamed themselves Michael Has Learned to Rock instead of MLTR, it might have met with better success?? :)

Anyway, Soren Madsen left the group in 2000, and the trio decided to continue without him.

So, what are you waiting for? All Michael Learns To Rock concerts are a sell-out, so get out of your seat now and get your tickets at any Axcess outlets or book them online from Genting's Online & Reservation & E-Ticketing.

See you there.......thanks to Genting. :) :) :)

25 minutes

That's Why You Go Away


lupie said...

Oh god! I feel so old now .... sian ....

Vivien Lim said...

i love their songs too..
listen to them a lot..

petmyforum said...

25 minutes is great sad song. MLTR now only have 3 member? i remember they started the band at 80's is 5 person. But it great still can heard the song again.marvelous!

Johnny Ong said...

they are certainly one of my favourites

J said...

I love them too, and I bought 2 tickets but unfortunately have to let go of them because my gf cant go that day suddenly. Anyone wants some super nice seats tix?