Friday, 24 July 2009

New Bond Girl Terrifies Bond

On Wednesday evening, at 7-ish, a new Bond girl was welcomed with open arms into our home. All except Blackie was happy with the new girl in the block.

Maybe it could be due to the fact that this sassy girl had had her ovaries removed, or maybe it could be due to the fact that Blackie, being a eunuch, prefers guys to girls. :)

Whatever the reason, Blackie was terrified by her presence when he caught sight of her. Granted, she is huge, as Maine Coon is the largest breed of all cats (they are called "Gentle Giant"), but then, being female, she is not as large as a male Maine Coon, so he shouldn't think he's seeing a small lion.

On her first night in our home, Felis Wonder Lady Faye Yin was a bit apprehensive. She hid in out of reach places in our room, while Blackie hid in even worse places in the yard.

We were kept busy the whole evening, moving huge furniture to retrieve them, and wiping them clean as best as we can as we didn't want to stress them out further by giving them a shower. In the end, I opened my wardrobe door for Faye Yin to hide in between my clothes. I'd rather have her fur on my clothes than have her hiding in dirty places.

Faye Yin, surprisingly, was quicker to adapt to her new surroundings than Blackie to a new cat in his home.

But best of all is how the two different cats "confronted" each other. Blackie squealed for help (kittenish little mews) while Faye Yin blew puffs of breaths at him. Not hisses, but puffs of air, much like how the fat lady puffed away the bad guys with her big, powerful breath in the Kung Fu Hustle movie... :D

Mum said it reminded her of how my late grandfather's dog blew puffs of air at the mice in the garden....Lol.

Felis Wonder Lady Faye Yin
DOB: 21st September 2005
Sire: CH Eternal's Hikaru Genji of Felis Wonder
Dam: GC Embellie Nuage of Felis Wonder. DM


Ash said...

Hi charlene

poor blackie bond, to have to give away his position as the absolute alpha bond in the household to a new interloper! No wonder he is not happy!

Speaking from experience, if you wish to keep Blackie Bond in the house with new bond girl, maybe you would like to use Feliway disfusser. Depending on how large is your house you may want to consider using two disfusser. Just remember to ensure that the doors and windows are not opened wide with flan blowing high or your ioniser air-conditioning or air purifier is not switched on at the same time, otherwise it'd be a waste of Feliway.

I do find that it helps, when introducing new cats that are not overly aggressive and it works too when the cats are stressed for other reasons. I'm currently using feliway to soothe my cats as my next door neighbour is creating a head-splitting racket with their renovation since april 21st (yup it is still not finished!).

do give it a try - jimmy will be able to help you get feliway.

hugs to blackie bond

Vivien Lim said...

is this additional to your family member wah very beautiful....

blackie new lover kah? hahaa

nice nice....... i love her fur....
ear also so furry...

Blackie Bond said...

haha, Blackie Bond is still the absolute alpha Bond....he just has a new lady partner whom I'm sure he'll learn to love & appreciate...

He's getting plenty of special attention for sharing his home with a sexy Bond girl...I'm hand-feeding him his favourite treat...salmon sashimi. :)

Thank you, Vivien. The credit must go to her breeder, Jimmy, whom I must thank for letting me have her.

Yes, I think she's gorgeous, too. And very manja...purrs non-stop, and shamelessly begging for affection and attention. :)

Zeelicious MeowMeow said...

Ka Che! Finally another furkids! Congrats! How's your hubby reaction on this? Seeing how thing goes I'm sure he already accepted a new baby girl right..Yeah! Happy for you! Me myself can't wait the day when I can afford pure breed maine coon...huhu..

ManekiNeko said...

WOW! Faye Yin is gorgeous! Bond girl indeed... Step aside, Michelle Yeoh: You're old news! Meanwhile, I do hope Blackie makes the adjustment quickly. I think giving each of them personal "retreat spaces" is a great idea.

But woe is us. You'll quit blogging, because you'll be spending all your time grooming Miss Fluff. No more trips to Genting or out for bak kut teh -- got to groom the cat, dear. Or maybe your mother would like a new hobby?? :-)

Seriously, many congratulations!

Blackie Bond said...

Thanks, dear. Yes, hubby finally consented to having a 2nd cat after he saw the benefits of giving Blackie a companion of his own kind.

Ahhh....Faye Yin is a gift. :)

Mum would never agree to this new hobby. :D

Zeelicious MeowMeow said...

I bet all the countless grooming of Faye Yin will be all worth it.. ;)
Owh, thanks to Jimmy then for entrusting your family with Faye Yin..
I'm very happy for you Ka Che and indeed I think Faye Yin has a nice muzzle and mane, very lion tigerrish cat :D One day I want to meet Blackie and Faye Yin and gomol2 them! :D