Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Liu San Jie at Genting

Last Sunday we went up to Genting for the much awaited musical, Liu San Jie. The pair of tickets were complimentary from Genting.

The last time I was there for a concert from my mum's era (Catch Ling Po at Genting), the crowd was mainly from her age group, men and women of 60 years old and above. I expected it to be the same for the Liu San Jie musical.

True enough, at 7:15pm, the crowd started waddling in, oops, I mean, walking in. :) Some were my mum's age while others were older. However, this time round, I can't lay claim to being the youngest audience as there was a handful of guys and gals in their twenties.

By 8:15pm, except for some late-comers, nearly all the seats at the Arena of Stars were filled. Our former Health Minister Dato' Chua Jui Meng, one of the VVIP (Very, Very Idle People??), was there, too.

I must say the performers, especially the lead singer who played the protaganist Liu San Jie, were good. They put up a contemporary show, combining the old folk story with some modern dance movements.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that the lead singer is better than the actress that played the same role in the 1961 movie. She has a better voice than the 1961 actress who was a bit shrill. And she is definitely far better looking, too. Quite an eye-candy for the old men there. :)

It is no wonder that all the tickets were sold out and Genting had to extend the performance to one more night, on Tuesday, due to demand.

My only "complaints" are that the stage setup was not more elaborate, and that the part of the match-maker sent by the tyrant, Mo Huairen, was a bit dragged out. I found the match-maker's performance a little draggy and exaggerated.

But all in all, a most enjoyable performance. Thanks for the complimentary tickets, Genting. :)

The arrival of the audience

The audience

Some late-comers

The curtain call

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ms kay poh said...

the show looks so good!

The Chair Speaks said...

Wish I had gone with my octogenarian mom. I do remember those bygone artists of Ling Po and others.