Saturday, 23 May 2009

Robert K. Tanenbaum - Hoax

If you've never read Robert Tanenbaum's 16th book, HOAX, don't bother. This novel has the dubious honour of being the worst book I've ever read. To call it crap would be too kind to it.

I have heard of Robert Tanenbaum's books, and they are supposed to be really good. So, a few months ago, when I saw Hoax at a book warehouse sale, I grabbed it.

And boy, have I regretted that purchase. Three quarters of Hoax is devoted to rehashing after rehashing of Butch Karp's (a New York Assistant District Attorney) and his wife's personal history that has no bearings on the plot, and the retelling of events from the different characters'  viewpoint that has no relevance to the story, nor do they move the plot along. It's amateurishly-written, something you might expect a Form Three student to write.

When I finally finished the book, I went on the internet to see if it was just me, or if others felt the same. What I found surprised me.

It appears that Robert Tanenbaum is not the real writer of the previous 15 books. The real writer was his cousin, Michael Gruber, who has since split from the partnership and branched out on his own. The general consensus was that either the real Robert Tanenbaum can't write, or his new writer hired to replace Michael Gruber can't.

No wonder it was such a torturous read. If you want to punish your enemies, make them read Hoax!! 


Vivien Lim said...

i cannot imagine myself reading such books
i also cannot read those motivation, leadership skills..

i only can hold books that has skills related to technology or pets haha said...

haha seems like an interesting book..
but i rarely read novels.. lol

Reply: Thanks for supporting my blog! Appreicate it alot! =D

Zeelicious MeowMeow said...

So to sum it all up, this book is definitely a hoax! :D

Blackie Bond said...

Vivien,I also can't read those motivational and leadership books, but I think I can write those.....hahahahaa. U wanna be my first victim? :D

kenwooi,novels are quite a fun way to pass the time anywhere - no need to make sure that coffee place has a WiFi hotspot. ;)

Zee,Yup! That's what his fans said in the websites. I guess they felt betrayed when they found out. Some diehard fans even bid teary farewells to Butch & his wife. :)