Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sepang Gold Coast

Prodded by CazzyCazz's post in February this year, we finally managed to check out Sepang Gold Coast a few Sundays ago. 

So, what is Sepang Gold Coast? Any connection to The Gold Coast in Australia? No. Sepang Goldcoast is a 4621 acres of seafront land mixed development project spanning 22 kilometres out to sea.

The entrance from land

It is a mixed development with residential, retail and restaurants, in the shape of a palm tree. The "trunk" of the palm tree is Sepang Walk, and will be lined with retail shops. If you missed the last water cab from the ferry terminal to your home, it is a long walk to your villa at the top of the "trunk". If you live here, you certainly do not want to stay out too late into the night.  

Golden Palm Tree Water Villas

The Water Villas kind of made me nervous about pirates, though. It is easily accessible from the sea if you have boats, ships or yachts.

Easy access by pirates or tsunami

The actual Palm Tree under construction

A closer look of the construction

Although the "trunk" and "branches and leaves" aren't ready yet, the base of the trunk is. There are a few restaurants where you could eat and enjoy the sea-breeze or sunset.  

Other things you could do at Sepang Gold Coast are archery, bird-watching or simply sleeping on the beach.



It takes two to rock the baby to sleep  :)

Or, just stretch out and sleep if you don't feel like talking to the wife  :)

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