Friday, 24 April 2009

Removing Wu Travel

I am removing Wu Travel banner from my blog as they have yet to pay me. When they approached me to place their banner ad on my blog, they said they would pay me within TWO days of my putting up the banner ad.

More than a week has passed --- it's almost two weeks now, and they have yet to pay me. I've emailed Stella twice, and there is no reply from their side.

This is so different from the beginning, when they wanted their ad on my blog. They respond within a few hours, but now, after having placed their banner ad on my blog, they have chosen not to reply my emails.

So....Stella and those in Wu Travel, I have removed your banner ad until you deposit the money into my Paypal account.

Updated on 31 August 2009
Still no reply nor any payment from Wu Travel. They know about this post, but I guess they have chosen to remain mum.

Unanswered questions from day one which should have warned me:-
Claim #1: They said even if those that came from my blog did not buy on the spot, but bought from them later, they can track because of the cookies they placed in the person's computer.

My question: How do you track that when most browsers removed all cookies when you close the browser?

Claim #2: Even if the cookies are removed, they can track by ISP.

My question: My ISP code changes each time I log online. The modem resets and look for the next available ISP. Also, when you switch internet services, you'll have a completely different ISP. So, how do you counter this problem of the same user not having the same ISP all the time?


ms kay poh said...

so...this is their way of getting free advertising for a week at several different places. i must be so naive...i would never have thought of doing something like that.

Blackie Bond said...

yup! you certainly have to give them credit for being creative enough to think of this.

lazzybunny said...

Blackie Dont mad... come to LB blog and collect your Award...
Have a smile and enjoy the day.

- jj said...

Hi Blackie. yeah, that sucks when some people tries to take advantage of your hard work.

Btw, thanks for visiting again.


ms kay poh said...

why don't you send them an invoice? just to see what happens

Blackie Bond said...

they're not replying to my emails...unlike previously, before I agree to put up their banner ad.

it's very obvious they are only out for free ads. i was the sucker. :(

ms kay poh said...

if their affiliate program is a scam, it makes me wonder if their other services are trustworthy?

Blackie Bond said...

good question, ms kay poh!

Liv said...

I was recently emailed by WuTravel, and I googled them to try finding out if they're legit. I'm glad I found your blog since it goes to show it's not worth my time agreeing to advertise.

Thanks for the tip!

Kirin Bir said...

I was just contacted by Wu travel for banner ads on my blog. Like Liv, i googled them to get more info and landed on your blog. Thanks for letting us know. The internet is a breeding ground for scams, but luckily it is also a powerhouse of peer to peer information. =)

Anonymous said...

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