Thursday, 26 February 2009

Not Easy To Put Me To Sleep....But...

I'm a chronic insomiac, and it's very hard for anyone to put me to sleep. Even the most boring news keeps me awake.

But tonight, somebody got the the dubious honor of being the first person (probably) to put me to sleep. It is Mishavonna Henson, an 18-year-old contestant for American Idol Season 8.

Mishavonna Henson

Mind you, her singing was good. She really could sing. But she was soooooooo boring. I actually fell asleep halfway through her song. And the judges agreed with me. They all felt she's got great vocals, but that she was just too serious. 

Overall, tonight's performance is a little bit disappointing. There were a lot of good talent this season. There're probably more talented singers in this season than in previous seasons. So it was kind of frustrating to see them fall short just when they are supposed to be singing their hearts out for the Top 12 positions.

There were only 2 performaces that I enjoyed tonight, that of comedian Nick Mitchell or Norman Gentle (he has an alter ego name!) and Adam Lambert. The latter really rocks! I hope he makes it to the Top 12.

Nick Mitchell or Norman Gentle

Adam Lambert the rocker


thefluffies said...

I'm a semi-insomniac XD

Now u now u still can find a cure for ur chronic insomnia!

Blackie Bond said...

hahahaha!!!! And I'm sharing my cure with you, the semi-insomniac. ;)