Friday, 23 January 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

Blackie the Cat and his human slave wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

Please click "Play" below for Chinese New Year fireworks.

And since this is the year of the ox, let's mark our respect for them.......

Blackie the CAT: Are we done yet? I'd like to sleep now.



Zeelicious MeowMeow said...

Don't worry..
I always eat chickens, prefer chickens than meat..heh..
But I never eat cats!hehe...not related at all, ofcourse we don't eat cats, a big NO NO ma... :D
Ka Che, Happy Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!
Don't forget my angpau and limau ah..heh.. :)

Blackie Bond said...

Thanks, Zee. Hehe, angpau and limau coming your way.... :D

Jason Law said...

Happy new year !!
Where is my ang pao??^^

celena said...

Happy Niu Year!! Wishing you a great and properous new year. Of course, to Blackie too :-)

Blackie Bond said...

Your ang pao is KL, hehehe. Happy new year to you, too, and may you get loads and loads of ang pao. ;)

Happy moo year to you, your DH and your invisible Tom Tom!! :)
Oops, I just're chicky, and I've just asked everyone to eat more chikins!!! Oh dear, oh dear, so sorry...hehehehe.

thefluffies said...

Hallo Blackie... How's the CNY celebration there? Did u get a lot of angpow? :P

Anonymous said...

Still not too late to wish you Happy Chinese New Year. How much angpow your collect on behalf of Blackie?? heheheheh!! - June

Blackie Bond said...

CNY was boring, as your cats would say. Hehe, I don't get to collect angpows anymore ler...have to give instead. Wish I could get unmarried every CNY. ;)

Thanks for the wishes. No, it's not too late...we have 15 days mah. ;)
Nobody gave Blackie any angpows ler....huhuhu You wanna start the ball rolling by being the 1st to give? hahahah!!!