Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Eve Mayhem in Bangsar, KL

For Christmas eve dinner, hubby and I thought we'll go for baked kurau (sorry, I'm not sure what's the name of this fish in English) at The Ship in Damansara Utama. It was a mistake from the very beginning. 

Not only was the LDP jammed, but the restaurant was full, and a long line of customers were waiting for their turn to be seated when empty tables were available. We looked at the register of waiting customers, and if everyone currently inside the restaurant just ate and left and don't sit there chit-chatting away, it would take another hour before our turn to be seated.

We decided to switch our attention to Puzzini, a little nondescript eatery down the block. It claims to be a Swedish restaurant, owned and managed by a local Chinese. Despite the many newspaper clippings displayed at the entrance of the shop, it did not inspire much confidence in me. But we decided to go ahead and try it anyway.

We ordered the set meal, which came with a French Onion soup, Stewed Beef with carrots and onions, and a glass of Iced Lemon Tea. The verdict? The food is mediocre at best.

For the same price, we could have a  refined cuisine Italian set meal of Cream of Pumpin Soup, a choice of main course and Iced Peach Tea at Bel Pasto, Kepong. Which was what we had the next day, for our Christmas Day lunch.

But I digress. After a less than palatable dinner, we adjourned to Bangsar, a former happening place, for the Christmas Countdown Party. Nightlife has since moved to the city centre, but on Christmas eve, Bangsar came alive again.

A 'devil' with blinking horns hard at work on Christmas eve

The crowd is building up on the street

On the stroke of midnight, those who had bought foam cans started their foam fight.

There was mayhem as passers-by were not spared. Cars were stopped and had their windscreens and windows covered with foam. Hubby and I were caught in the 'cross-fire', too.

In the midst of this mayhem, a truck carrying 3 SYT (Sweet Young Thing) drove by blaring music loudly. The girls and the crowd had a roaring time 'attacking' one another. The girls must have enjoyed it very much, as they came back again and again, until the crowd ran out of foam power. :D

View the video here.....


lupie said...

Wow! You so happening one ar?? Bangsar on Christmas Eve!!!!!
I don't remember what I did on Christmas Eve though .... hmmm...

Blackie Bond said...

Yup, this auntie is still happening, muahahaha!!! I wonder what would those youngsters say if I were to say "don't spray auntie"? I was so tempted to say that each time I kena sprayed. :)

Anonymous said...

puzzini ah yes i remember that GREAT pizza joint, always dine there when i was stationed in Malaysia. I remember the set meals to be around Rm13.90 w soup,main course & drinks, VERY CHEAP for a xmas meal,so y complain.

Anonymous said...

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