Sunday, 30 November 2008

British Chinatown Food in KL.....Or Not

A few nights ago hubby came home and said, "There's a restaurant, Four Seasons, that says it's the British Chinatown food. Do you want to go there for dinner this Saturday (yesterday)?"

British Chinatown food?? Wow!! That is music to my ears.

For the uninitiated, the food in Chinatown London is authentic Hong Kong food, cooked by Hong Kong chefs. Images of Beef Tomato Rice, Beef Egg Rice, Beef Dry Hor Fun (nearly all Hong Kong food contains beef), Hot & Sour soup (it's different from our local version), Roast Duck with pancakes, all flooded into my mind. I could not stop drooling and dreaming. There is not a single Chinese restaurant in KL that could produce those Hong Kong dishes, not even places like Char Chan Teng or Kim Gary that claimed to be Hong Kong food.

Hubby called his old buddy, TC, who had also stayed in London for a couple of years before. He was equally as enthusiastic. Saturday finally arrived and we drove there full of enthusiasm and anticipation. 

This is it! Four Seasons is located at CapSquare, Persiaran Capital Square, near Jalan Munshyi Abdullah. The place is not crowded, for a Saturday night.

Upon being seated and handed our menu, all of us immediately noticed one glaring thing. The items in the menu are all LOCAL food!!!!! "Where is my Beef Tomato Rice?" TC & I both asked simultaneously. "Where is my Beef Egg Rice?" hubby asked. 

The waiter, who was very patient and helpful, explained that Malaysians want local food. Huh? He recommended that I try their Fried Hor Fun Beef in Black Bean Sauce. I acquiesced since the only thing I really wanted was Beef Tomato Rice which is not on the menu. Hubby asked if they could modify their Braised Beef Egg Gravy Rice into Fried Beef Egg Rice them to fry the egg with the beef and serve it with rice instead of their Braised Beef Egg Gravy Rice. TC settled for Steamed Beef Brisket Soup Noodles. We ordered a quarter roast duck to share. 

After we placed our orders, I reached for their feedback form on the table. I couldn't wait to make known my disappointment to the management!

One side of the feedback form

The other side of the feedback form

Braised Beef Egg Gravy Rice. RM12.80 Waiter, where's the gravy? 
Oops, sorry.....this is hubby's modified Beef Egg Rice. 

Fried Hor Fun Beef in Black Bean Sauce - RM12.80

Steamed Beef Brisket Soup Noodles - RM12.00

A quarter roast duck - RM15
Unlike their sister outlets in Bayswater  and Gerrard Street in London, this outlet in KL does not serve pancakes with roast duck.

Hubby enjoyed his meal. He said it's the closest thing available locally to what he got in Chinatown Toronto. TC did not enjoy his beef brisket noodles as much. He said the beef brisket noodles in Crystal Jade, MidValley is much better. As for me, the sauce is good, but it would have been better on rice instead of hor fun (koay teow). The Hong Kong chefs in Chinatown London would have known that.

Overall, the service is excellent. The waiters are attentive and helpful, and our orders were served before we had even warmed our seats. However, the price is exorbitant. What we had ordered were cheap Chinese food, ordered by students on limited budget, but here, they are priced as cuisine food. Definitley not value for money.

Blackie: That is your punishment for freaking me out with a Doraemon cake!!! 


ms kay poh said...

hey, too bad it wasn't authentic. i was thinking of wong kay when i saw the title.

Daryl Teo said...

British Chinatown food!! That's quite a twist. Remembered the food in London's Chinatown wasn't all that inspiring but the foodie pics looks yum!

Zeelicious MeowMeow said...

Owh, I'm very blurry on the various type of food available but i don't mind having a try as long it's halal..
i love to eat and enjoy food, don't mind trying here and there.. :D
Only sad that what you were expecting was different from what they have, felt like being cheated eh..huhu..
Neway my ka che, you've ben tag! :D

Blackie Bond said...

ms kay poh,
Hehe...I know. Images of Wong Kei flooded my mind. Cheap, delicious food, with super bad service...hahaha!!!

I kind of miss those bad, surly waiters, you know. ;) It seems that the waiters in Four Seasons, London, are equally as rude and surly. Read that the customers are also made to wait in line outside the restaurant, and everyone is forced to share tables.

Remember how Wong Kei waiters would say "go to the next restaurant if you don't want to share tables" to those angmor couples who wanted some privacy?? hehe.

You must think I'm peculiar, but I actually love London Chinatown food. The hot & sour soup is superb, and nothing like the version in M'sia!

I think it's not bad if you didn't have any expectations. Do go & try it. But if you plan to order rice and dishes to go with it, do be prepared for simple dishes that RM30 when the same thing costs RM12 elsewhere!

Oh no, I've been tagged....again! Awwwh..!! What questions this time round? huhuhu....let me go check it in your blog.

I won't say I was cheated, but more like, very disappointed. I want my Beef Tomato Rice, sob! sob!

CazzyCazz said...

Wait a min.... Wong Kei in Chinatown?? The one that is known for rude & nasty services?? OH I GOT SCOLDED FOR NOTHING MAN!!!! Went there after my shopping and placed the paper bags on the floor next to me, the waiter accidentally kicked it, then stared at me, and started scolding me for blocking his way!! WTH, i have yet to scold him & he scolded me pulak!!! I used to go Kum Loong Hin for dim sum, anyone used to frequent there?? Ah, there is another 1, Jap sushi buffet at duno which corner of London d, i think it is called 'Kilikulu' or something like tht, cant rem much actually.... Eat till u drop for 12.99 pounds only(WAY BACK IN YR 2000)!

Oh dear, i kinda miss that boring country, missed being bored & the gloomy weather!! Red wine, dirt cheap!! I miss miss miss UK.... T_T

Blackie Bond said...

Yes, Wong Kei in Chinatown that is well-known for their rude & nasty service....hahaha, you got scolded, too?

But you know what, deep down, they do have a soft spot. I ate there almost every Sunday, and when the waiters started to recognize me, they were nice to me. Treated me like their little sister.

When I went back to London after the holiday breaks, the waiters would ask me things like "you just got back?", or "how's Malaysia", "how's your mummy", etc.

Serious. I'm not kidding. And if they saw me standing in line outside in the cold, they'll come out and get me personally....yup, I get to jump queue....hehe.

I've been to Kum Loong Hin for dim sum, too. Hmmm....*drooling & dreaming*

ms kay poh said...

eh? they were nice to you at wong kei? how can?