Sunday, 23 November 2008

Blimey! I Could Be A Limey!!

Well, not me, precisely, but my master, Blackie the cat. I was at Pet Safari in Ikano recently when I stumbled upon a book on British Shorthair. I was surprised to see a picture resembling Blackie, and remembered that CazzyCazz once told me that Blackie looks like a British Shorthair. Coming home, I immediately googled for British Shorthair............

A British Shorthair

Breed description
"British Shorthairs have very dense, plush coats that are often described as crisp or cracking, which refers to the way the coat breaks over the cat's body contours. Eyes are large, round and copper in colour. They have round heads with full, chubby cheeks and a body that is rounded and sturdy. British Shorthairs are large and muscular, and are described as having a cobby build. The breed has a broad chest, shoulders and hips with short legs, round paws and a plush but not fluffy tail. These are the characteristics listed in most governing bodies breeds standards to which show cats must conform."

"They are not terribly demanding of attention, although they will let you know if they feel like playing.They are not hyperactive or "in your face" cats preferring to sit next to you or near you rather than on you. They will tend to supervise household activities either watching from a comfy perch or laying on the floor nearby.

British Shorthair cats have a tendency to follow people from room to room as they want to be with you and see what is going on. Some do not mind being cuddled but most prefer to keep four paws on the ground and have you pat them rather than pick them up."

Where temperament goes, Blackie fits to a "T". My main complaint about Blackie has always been that he does not like to be picked up and carried on my shoulder. He always protests vocally when I do that. He is also not a lap cat, and does not sit for longer than 15 minutes on my lap. I have always envied my friends whose cats love to cuddle up with them on their laps.

And he is certainly very nosy, watching and supervising us in our daily activities. My mum calls him the Supervisor while my hubby calls him my shadow because he likes to follow me from room to room.

As for looks, well, armed with a camera, I started following Blackie from room to room instead of the other way round. He certainly wasn't pleased at the reversal of roles.

Blackie on his cat tree

Blackie in the kitchen

Blackie on my desk in the study

And now I've followed Blackie to the room, spying on him as he sleeps

Stalking Blackie.......he is looking petrified now
Blackie: Help! Someone please tell this misguided woman that I'm not a limey, I'm just an ordinary kucing kampung.


lupie said...

OMG!! Blackie does look British ... :)

Blackie Bond said...

Muahahahaha!!! Lupie, thanks for encouraging me in my misguidedness. :D

Zeelicious MeowMeow said...

Owh, no wonder la Blackie having a british accent..
Now I know why.. :D

Blackie Bond said... guys really taking this opportunity to laugh at me & my idiosyncrasies... :)

CazzyCazz said...

Hehehe..... He really looks like 1!!! Fat fat & all rounded!! Err, i guess my kids and your master will have communication breakdown as they don't speak British English, but Manglish. Kekekekeke

Blackie Bond said...

My master understands Manglish, too...hehe. He can speak Hokkien also......hahaha!!

macgyvyer said...

Wah!! So Blackie is the real aristocatlah!!!! heheheheheh!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you but Blackie is not a British Shorthair (BS). He doesn't have chubby cheeks (British Shorthair is distinguishly chubby around the mouth area - where the whiskers are). BS has short ears too.

Hope this clarifies.

Blackie Bond said...

Hi Anonymous,
I am well aware that Blackie is not a British Shorthair. He is a moggie (domestic short hair) that I rescued 3 years ago.

You probably do not know me, or you would have known that I am, again, laughing at myself.

For your info, I love Maine Coons and British Shorthairs, and know exactly what they look like....but am having my own private joke about Blackie being a fake MC or BSH.

It is a little self-delusion game I play, and all the above comments you read are from my friends who knew I was just having another of my usual harmless silliness, and were just playing along.

They are also very aware that Blackie is not a British Shorthair! :P