Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Tsunami Swept Through My Home Today

After postponing Blackie's bath for three days due to my not feeling well, I felt sufficiently recovered today  to embark on a cat-howling adventure. Blackie hates baths with a vengeance and to bathe him is akin to bathing a growling, snapping tiger.

He will run round and round you, hissing, growling, snapping and before you know it, you are entangled in the shower cable. 

But the worst is that today, he learned how to pry open my shower screen doors. He ran out dripping water all over my bathroom floor, and I had to run out and grabbed him back inside the shower cubicle. This went on until I clutched him to my body and rinsed him and me as well.

It would take an extremely sharp eye to tell who was giving whom a bath. Both Blackie and I were as drenched as each other. The end result was, my bathroom and master bedroom looked like a tsunami had just swept through it. *smacking my forehead in disbelief at what both of us had achieved when a tsunami couldn't*

Next time I might just as well take my shower at the same time. Saves water that way....lols...!!!


lupie said...

Heehehe, a photo would be interesting! Imagine Blackie master and slave all wet!!! Sweet!

ms kay poh said...

eh? meow tiok chang aik meh?

Blackie Bond said...

Awwwh.....Lupie, do feel sorry for the slave la...u know how much work is involved in cleaning up after a tsunami incident. :D

Yes, Ms kay poh, cats do need to be bathed as they haven't learned how to bathe themselves yet.....lols...!!!

Zeelicious MeowMeow said...

blackie so ganas lo..
piak piak him a bit..hehe.. :)
neway my blog still under review..sux!! :(

Blackie Bond said...

awwwh...zee, they sure are taking a long time reviewing your blog. i can imagine how u must be feeling. cheer up...I'm sure they'll reactivate it soon.