Saturday, 25 October 2008

Light At The End of The Tunnel.....?

After having slept nearly the whole day and night....(err, not due to laziness but I was not well, had fever and bad flu plus sore throat)....I woke up this morning still feeling lousy and groggy as a result of those prescriptions the doctor gave me. 

But like any normal day, the first thing I did on waking up was to read the news.

And.....I felt much better right away. Instead of the usual political crap, the government is actually doing something to help ease the burden of the public. Petrol prices will be reduced by 15 cents, and hypermarket chains like Tesco, Carrefour, Giant and Mydin will reduce prices of canned and fresh food, including instant noodles by as early as next week.

This is good news indeed. I had braced myself for more price increases, but instead, prices are heading south. 

However, that said, looking at the percentage of the price reduction (15% - 30%), prices of those goods will just be back to what they were 6 months ago. We will not be seeing prices of last year. 

Oh well, at least it's better than prices continually sprillaling up through the roof. 

Yay! Now I can afford to buy more books at the MPH Warehouse Sale later today. But first, I have to go back to bed as the medicine I took just now is making me drowsy again. *nodding off*


lupie said...

Hope you will feel better soon! It is probably the anti-histamine that the doc prescribed making you all so tired and sleepy. I heard, the best medicine for flu or cold is REST! So, REST!
No more late nights ya, you little vampire!

ms kay poh said...

so what books did you buy at mph? did you find the one about the cat detective?

Blackie Bond said...

lupie dear,

thanks so much for your care and concern. yeah, I try not to stay up late, but unfortunately, my brain has been wired not to sleep until after 3 or 4 am.

But I did have a good rest (read sleep) the past 2 days and am bright-eyed and bushy tailed again....hahaha.

my kay poh dear,
no, i didn't manage to find what i want at the sale, and certainly not the cat detective book. Most of the books there I had already read.

macgyver said...

Blackie,next time you don't go to the doctor when you go flu or fever.I normally drink chinese herbs.rebus and voila!! u can drink.if you lazy to boil,buy the sachet one.

Blackie Bond said...

macgyver dear,
any particular type of chinese herbs?

macgyver said...

hahahah!! I dunno the name but I know which one if I look at it. Leong cha or sound sometime like that