Monday, 8 September 2008

Restoran Fooke Kee

Gee, am I glad the weekend is over and Monday is here. I love Mondays and any weekdays for that matter. I bet none of you can say the same. I bet all of you live for the weekends and hate Mondays...LOL.

Now that I've had a good rest from last weekend's mad rush, I'm ready to yak about yesterday's dinner. One of my hubby's former classmates from MBS who had settled down in Singapore was here for a few days and they decided to hold an impromptu micro MBS boys' gathering. Micro because there were only three of them.

If you're wondering what MBS stands for, it is Mother's Backside Smells. Well, that's what my hubby says, and what do I know.....I'm just a mixed-up, confused housewife who is part cat, part human.

Anyway, TC recommended Restoran Fooke Kee in Queen's Park. According to him, this restaurant used to operate out of a shabby place (I forget where) under the name Chooi Mau, which means Drunken Cat. I was a bit apprehensive at the name, but he assured me that no cats, dead or alive, are on the menu.

Being a long time customer of the restaurant, TC was given free reign to order the dishes. He ordered the signature dish, a prawns and sotong dish that came in a mini wok, a steamed talapia in beans sauce, honey barbecued spare ribs and a vegetable dish.

Hmmm......I do like the signature dish. It was piquant and slightly tangy......yum-yum. The total bill came to RM78, which was reasonable for four of us.

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