Thursday, 25 September 2008

Blackie's Identity Card and Girls' Night Out

My hubby is always telling my cat, Blackie, that he's an illegal immigrant because he doesn't possess an Identity Card. I have been meaning to get him an Identity Card ever since he was born, but due to my nature to procrastinate, I tend to hold off what I can do today to some other day.

But last night, during a girls' night out with another cat friend of mine, June, I was reminded of Blackie's lack of warganegara (citizenship) status. 

Hubby had to attend official buka puasa functions for three nights in a row, and I took the opportunity to meet up with June, whom I've never met but felt close to. She recommended that we ate at Sari Ratu Restaurant in Bukit Bintang area. 

To make sure I do not get lost, June emailed me a map to the restaurant. There, we ate, laughed, talked and basically did what all girls did when they got together. When the shop closed at 10pm, we proceeded to PizzaHut next door and continued yakking.

Twenty minutes before the clock struck twelve, the PizzaHut staff came to tell us they had to close the shop and we were chased away, like homeless strays. That was when I remembered that I had yet to get Blackie his Identity Card. So, is Blackie's MyKad...!!!
So, what do you guys think? Is it nice?


Macgyver said...

hah!!hah!! very macholah Blackie.really the James Bond Kitty.with gun somemore woh!!!

cazzycazz said...

Muhahahaha..... U really made my day!! So cute!!!!!! Gosh, it means i have 6 cards to work on~!! lol.... Hugz...

Anonymous said...

woi...belajar nak buat fake ic ke...untuk jual ....hahahah


Blackie Bond said...

ya lor, must have gun mah...don't wanna be like pierce brosnan, exchange his gun for singing...alamak!! :D

With immigration tightening up, must make sure our furkids have ICs....better get yours done!!!!

Abang Din!
ape fake IC..tuh IC tulin, the real thing man, original IC for Warganegara Kucing Malaysia. klu tak de IC, will be thrown into cats' jail at Sg. Buloh, u know...hahaha!!!

Macgyver said...

wakakakakakak!! cannot imagine Pierce Brosnan nyanyi.Lousy singer ler!!!

bang din,mari kita report kat immigration bgtau Charlene nak buat mass production fake ic utk mat/minah indon dan mat/minah bangla.wakakakakakak!

Blackie Bond said...

hehe...u shld go watch pierce brosnan sing la...look at his expression of having!!!!

eh..janganla..tu bukan fake ic...tu ic kucing...ade perbezaan tau... :D

Zeelicious MeowMeow said...

eh, zee nak buat gak!
dekat mana kaunter pendaftaran anak2 bulus yek?

ms kay poh said...

Nice IC ;-)

Blackie Bond said...

boleh, boleh, go to Jabatan Pendaftaran Dunia Kuching at Jalan Kuching, apply kat kaunter "Permintaan IC untuk anak2 kuching tempatan"... :D

ms kay poh!
Hi, thanks for dropping by. Blackie is now a legit Malaysian CAT citizen, with full citizenship rights! Yay!!

Macgyver said...

wakakakak!!! kasianlah Pierce Brosnan u said he looks like constipation.wakakakakakak!!! tak sanggup ler!!!

Blackie Bond said...

hehehe, macgyver, u must watch the movie la, then i am sure u will agree...*gelak guling*

ok, can u imagine, say, that macho daniel craig being sotong-like, waving & shaking his fingers and hands tenderly???!!!

ms kay poh said...

blackie ah, is there a jabatan pendaftaran gorila i can go to? hee hee hee
what road is it on

Blackie Bond said...

ms kay poh dear,
Yes, there is a jabatan pendaftaran gorila. It's on Jalan Gorila at Zoo Negara.

You'll have to queue up at the counter for "Application for ICs for non-domestic gorilas". :D