Sunday, 31 August 2008

Merdeka Cat Show Rocks!!!

The Merdeka Cat Show, organized by The Feline Society of Malaysia, was held at The Mall, KL, today. It was an occasion for all cat lovers to drool over the many different breeds of cats there. And like any cat lovers, I was there, too.

The show started with a bang. It opened with a rock guitarist cat and two backup dancing cats. Well, it would have, if I were the organizer and had something to do about it. :)

The rock star........
.......and the backup dancers

Now that I got my theatrics out of the way, here're some highlights of the show. First, this gentleman below has one of the biggest cat, if not the biggest, in the competition. The owner said it weighs 10 kg. It is very furry, alert and playful. It is also one of the most popular cats with the spectators. Unfortunately, the judge did not like the cat for some reason.

This is the only sphinx cat present at the show. What a lovely cat. I think the organizers must have sympathized with its nakedness and made sure the hall is not too cold for the comfort of the sphinx.

The two lovely maine coons belonging to Jimmy.

This is Kigger, a lovely and most friendly maine coon owned by an equally beautiful and friendly lady who goes by the screen name Izyandanial in the PetFinder forum. Its fur is soft and glossy. It is also probably one of the friendliest cat there, allowing us to stroke it. This is a dream cat.

According to the owner, this cat is a mixed breed. She has no idea what genes it might have and was surprised when I said it looks like it might have some Norwegian Forest's genes. It looks a bit like one of Russmania's Norwegian Forest kingdom. Russmania is an NF fanatic and has some of the loveliest Norwegian Forest I have ever seen. He entered one of his NFs, Babylon, whose photo is below.

But I digress. Back to this cat. The poor creature was disqualified by the judge because it was not as sociable as the others. It made the mistake of growling at the judge. But, despite its distemper, it's still one of my favourites.

And last, but not least, this is Babylon. He is a very rare breed in Asia......a Norwegian Forest bred and raised in Hong Kong. Since it's a cat meant for cooler climate, Russ, the owner, has to air condition his home 24/7 just for the comfort of his cats. Russ was not there, and the cat was in the care of Abymummy, a friend of Russ'. Welcome to Malaysia, Babylon. Hope the mall wasn't too hot for you, dear.
This is another photo of Babylon, taken by a professional photographer. Thanks for the photo, Russ.


lupie said...

Lovely cats!!
Sorry I didn't make it, I think I am coming down with a fever ... not a good sign ...
Anyway, thank you for the write-up! At least I can still drool over them (the kitties, I mean!)

Blackie Bond said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your fever. I hope it's not a sign of your WBC count dropping. Are you better now?

lupie said...

Fever is on and off ...
Heheheh... saw a comment that you are quite fair (as in skin...)? unlike your nick "Blackie.." hehehehe....

Blackie Bond said...

i think u need to rest more and do less. hopefully that will help u recover faster (remember to get your hubby to clean the litter boxes when you're not at your healthiest).

hehe, life is full of surprises, aint it, just like you don't get what you expect based on the nicks. :)

Anonymous said...

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